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160511 Jubilee – 100,000 third-generations ŠKODA Superbs produced

160511 Jubilee - 100,000 third-generations ŠKODA Superbs produced

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Jubilee: 100,000 third-generations ŠKODA Superbs

› Since 2001, more than 850,000 ŠKODA Superb models manufactured; 100,000
third-generation ŠKODA Superbs since March 2015
› Brand’s flagship in demand on European markets and China
› Substantial investments into ŠKODA Kvasiny plant, and employee recruitment

Mladá Boleslav/Kvasiny, 11 May 2016 – ŠKODA has produced 100,000 third-
generation Superbs. The milestone vehicle ran off the assembly line at the
ŠKODA plant in Kvasiny. Since the model was introduced in 2001, the Czech car
manufacturer has produced more than 850,000 Superbs. The production
capacity at Kvasiny was expanded and modernized for the production of
ŠKODA’s flagship. The top model inspires customers worldwide.

“The production of this highly modern car is a testament to the outstanding competence
of the Kvasiny plant and its employees,” says Michael Oeljeklaus, ŠKODA AUTO Board
Member for Production and Logistics, adding: “The name Superb represents one of the
best and most successful models in the automotive mid-class. The third-generation
model will continue the Superb’s success story in the coming months and years.”

Since production began in March 2015, the new ŠKODA Superb has demonstrated the
emotional power of the brand with its new design. ŠKODA has now produced a total of
one hundred thousand ŠKODA Superbs of the third generation. Never before have such
high demands been made on the design of a ŠKODA car, never before have so many new
technologies gone into the development of a new model. Never before have there been
so many new, ‘Simply Clever’ ideas, and never before have ŠKODA engineers created so
much space for the driver, passengers and their luggage. There are a host of new
assistance systems from higher vehicle classes ensuring increased safety, better
environmental protection and higher comfort. The third-generation Superb is more
powerful than ever before and, at the same time, up to 30 percent more economical
thanks to the new EU-6 engines.

The success of this model has not only been demonstrated by the high number of orders
from around the world, but also by receiving numerous awards such as the ‘Red Dot
Award’ for excellent product design and the title ‘Car of the Year’ in many European

Since 2001, the ŠKODA Superb model family has crowed ŠKODA’s model range. This
ties the Czech automaker to their tradition of great prestigious vehicles from Mladá
Boleslav that was established in early 20th century. The Laurin & Klement FF, dating back
to 1907, was the first eight-cylinder model in Central Europe. In the 1920s, the first
president of Czechoslovakia Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, among others, owned the
luxurious ŠKODA Hispano-Suiza; the eight-cylinder ŠKODA 860 was an impressive sight

ŠKODA Media Services:
http://media.skoda-auto.com, media@skoda-auto.cz
ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869,
293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

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in the early 1930s. 1934 was the first year a prestigious ŠKODA model with the name
‘Superb’ rolled off the production line: the ŠKODA 640 Superb.

67 years later, in 2001, the ŠKODA Superb was once again at the top of ŠKODA’s model
range. To date, the automaker has produced more than 850,000 ŠKODA Superbs of the
first, second and third generation. Customers have always appreciated this model’s
overall package: extremely generous space, timelessly elegant design, modern, tried and
tested technology, high level of comfort, maximum safety, best functionality and
excellent value for money have made ŠKODA’s flagship synonymous with top quality
from the Czech Republic. The first generation Superb (2001 to 2008) had the character
of a classic notchback saloon and set new standards, especially in terms of space. The
second model generation came out in 2008: A vehicle with new, versatile uses, more
technology and a timelessly elegant design. The ŠKODA Superb has also been available
as an estate since 2009, and the third-generation estate version of the Superb has been
running off the production lines since June 2015.

At the Kvasiny plant, the company made significant investments into new production
technology, assembly and logistics areas ahead of the new ŠKODA Superb’s start of
production. A total of CZK 1.7 billion went into the new body-construction line alone. The
Kvasiny site is being prepared for the brand’s SUV campaign. By 2018, ŠKODA intends to
invest a total of CZK 7.2 billion into Kvasiny and create 2,000 new jobs. The production
capacity will be gradually increased to 280,000 vehicles annually. Kvasiny is one of
ŠKODA’s three production sites in the Czech Republic. The site currently employs more
than 5,000 people, and is one of the largest industrial employers in the Hradec Králové

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Jubilee: 100,000 third-generations ŠKODA
Superbs produced
The milestone vehicle is a Superb in Business Grey
metallic. 100, 000 third-generation ŠKODA Superbs
have run off the assembly line since March 2015.

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ŠKODA Media Services:
http://media.skoda-auto.com, media@skoda-auto.cz
ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869,
293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

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› is one of the longest-established vehicle production companies in the world. In 1895, the Czech
headquarters in Mladá Boleslav began producing bicycles, followed by the production of motorbikes and
› currently offers the following models in the range: Citigo, Fabia, Rapid, Octavia, Yeti and Superb.
› in 2015 delivered more than 1 million vehicles to customers worldwide.
› has belonged to Volkswagen since 1991. The Volkswagen Group is one of the most successful
automotive groups in the world. ŠKODA, in association with the Group, independently manufactures and
develops vehicles, as well as components, engines and gear transmissions.
› operates at three locations in the Czech Republic, produces in China, Russia, Slovakia and India mainly
through Group partnerships, as well as in Ukraine and Kazakhstan through local partners.
› employs over 26,600 people globally and is active in more than 100 markets.

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Published: 11. 5. 2016