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150329 Lights out – ŠKODA takes part in ‘Earth Hour’

150329 Lights out - ŠKODA takes part in ‘Earth Hour’

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Lights out! – ŠKODA takes part in ‘Earth Hour’

› ŠKODA takes part in global environmental event for the third time
› 20 ŠKODA locations in the Czech Republic turn lights out for one hour
› ‘Earth Hour’ on 28 March, 20:30-21:30; for environmental awareness

Mladá Boleslav, 29 March 2015 – Last Saturday (28 March) marked the third
time that ŠKODA AUTO had taken part in the annual ‘Earth Hour’. The global
environmental event involves switching the lights out for one hour at selected
locations around the world. By promoting this event the World Wide Fund for
Nature (WWF) aims to increase awareness about environmental protection.

The lights were switched out for an hour at 20 ŠKODA sites on 28 March at 20.30. The
majority of the lights went out around the entrance gates at the main factory in Mladá
Boleslav, as well as at the Customer Centre and the Service Centre in Kosmonosy. The
illuminated logos and factory gates at the Vrchlabí and Kvasiny plants were also in the
dark for an hour.

The ‘Earth Hour’ event was started in 2007 by the WWF, one of the largest international
conservation organizations. The point of turning off the logo illumination at the company
buildings for 60 minutes was to raise awareness about the amount of energy we use and
to strengthen people’s positive attitude towards environmental protection.

By participating in the ‘Earth Hour’, the Czech car manufacturer emphasises the high
importance of the issue of environmental protection for the company. Sustainability and
environmental protection are an integral part of ŠKODA’s corporate strategy.

This primarily involves producing fuel-efficient, economical vehicles under the GreenLine
label, and the selected Green tec technologies in the manufacturer’s portfolio. The brand
currently has 107 models on the market with emissions under 120 g CO2/km, of which 25
emit less than 100 g CO2/km.

The carmaker combines all their environmental measures under the umbrella of the
‘GreenFuture’ strategy. In addition to designing and constructing more efficient vehicles,
ŠKODA places particular emphasis on using resources economically in their
manufacturing techniques. The third pillar of ‘GreenFuture’ is environmental protection in
the ŠKODA distribution network.

Even ŠKODA employees devote some of their free time to activities promoting the
environment. Since 2007, ŠKODA has planted a tree for every car sold in the Czech
Republic. So far, around 480,000 trees have been planted in the country.

ŠKODA Media Services:
http://media.skoda-auto.com, media@skoda-auto.cz
ŠKODA AUTO a.s., Tř. V. Klementa 869,
293 60 Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic

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Lights out! – ŠKODA takes part in ‘Earth Hour’
ŠKODA has taken part in the environmental event
‘Earth Hour’ three times now. As part of the global
community event organised by the WWF, the lights
were switched off for one hour on 28 March, 2015 at
20.30. On the photo: Production hall M13 in Mladá
Boleslav, where Octavia and Rapid models are

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› is one of the longest-established vehicle production companies in the world. In 1895, the Czech
headquarters in Mladá Boleslav began producing bicycles, followed by the production of motorbikes and
› currently has seven passenger car models: Citigo, Fabia, Roomster/Praktik, Rapid, Octavia, Yeti and
› in 2014 delivered more than 1 million vehicles to customers worldwide for the first time in a single year.
› has belonged to Volkswagen since 1991. The Volkswagen Group is one of the most successful
automotive groups in the world. ŠKODA, in association with the Group, independently manufactures and
develops vehicles, as well as components, engines and gear transmissions.
› operates at three locations in the Czech Republic, produces in China, Russia, Slovakia and India mainly
through Group partnerships, as well as in Ukraine and Kazakhstan through local partners.
› employs over 25,900 people globally and is active in more than 100 markets.

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