Škoda goes Gran Turismo: Exclusive Škoda Vision Gran Turismo design concept stars in popular video game series

› All-electric single-seater designed exclusively for Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation racing simulation
› Design inspired by the legendary Škoda 1100 OHC Spider and Škoda’s new Modern Solid design language
› A total of four electric motors enable an output of 800 kW* and all-wheel drive
› Involvement in e-racing underscores Škoda’s dedication to innovation and digitalisation within the automotive industry as well as celebrating its rich motorsport heritage

Mladá Boleslav, 24 April 2024 – Škoda Auto is introducing the Škoda Vision Gran Turismo, a spectacular all‑electric concept car, into the Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation game, thus expanding the carmaker’s presence in the digital racing world. Drawing inspiration from the 1957 Škoda 1100 OHC Spider, the fully electric all-wheel drive Škoda Vision Gran Turismo is equipped with four electric motors, delivering a powerful total output of 800 kW*.

“The roots of Škoda Motorsport go back more than 120 years, with countless successes. The next step? Joining the world of e-racing by launching a stunning new virtual concept car into the world’s most successful racing game, Gran Turismo. The Škoda Vision Gran Turismo study bridges our rich heritage to our electric future and new Modern Solid design language. Our customers are explorers, and the sleek Škoda Vision Gran Turismo car is a great way to enrich their experiences while also attracting new fans to our brand.”

Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Škoda Auto

“When the Škoda Auto design team embarked on this very special project, we decided to create a futuristic version of the Škoda 1100 OHC Spider for the digital age, an innovative fusion of past and future that also includes elements from our new Modern Solid design language. The result is a fascinating blend of traditional motorsport and a virtual electric racing future.”

Oliver Stefani, Head of Škoda Design

Škoda debuts in one of the most popular PlayStation games

For the first time, the Škoda brand and the Škoda Vision Gran Turismo are entering the popular Gran Turismo 7 racing simulation for PlayStation 4 and 5. Developed exclusively for this platform, the virtual concept study is an all-electric racing car for the game’s Vision category. By joining one of the most famous sim racing games, Škoda is demonstrating its commitment to innovation while exploring new target groups and forms of representation. At the same time, the car manufacturer is responding to the gaming community’s requests to introduce the Czech brand into the popular racing simulation.

Škoda Vision Gran Turismo

Škoda Vision Gran Turismo

Homage to the Škoda 1100 OHC Spider

The virtual Škoda Vision Gran Turismo draws real-life inspiration from the Škoda 1100 OHC Spider from 1957, developed to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Led by Oliver Stefani, the Škoda Design team created a spectacular open-top single-seater, combining design elements from the legendary 1100 OHC with new features such as a split rear wing. Moreover, the Škoda Vision Gran Turismo incorporates characteristics of the new Modern Solid design language used for upcoming electric Škoda models. Among these are the T‑shaped headlights and the matte Explorer Green body colour. A total of four electric motors with a combined output of 800 kW* and 1,020 Nm of torque along with all‑wheel drive and active aerodynamics ensure exceptional performance under all track conditions.

Sharp lines, pronounced edges, active aerodynamics and two colour variants

The low, elongated body of the Škoda Vision Gran Turismo gives the car a very modern and futuristic appeal. The sleek and dynamic exterior of the concept study features sharply drawn lines and clearly defined edges. Active aerodynamic components, for example on the striking Škoda-designed split rear wing, dynamically adapt to the driving conditions. This ensures outstanding handling and – in conjunction with four electric motors – a perfect ratio of performance and efficiency. Gamers can choose between two different paint finishes for their Škoda Vision Gran Turismo: one that evokes the famous Škoda 130 RS, celebrated for its double victory in its class at the 1977 Monte Carlo Rally, and a second in matte Explorer Green, emblematic of the Škoda Vision 7S concept car which introduced the brand’s new Modern Solid design language.

Škoda Vision Gran Turismo | Infographic In-game liveries

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Škoda Vision Gran Turismo

Škoda Vision Gran Turismo

The driver takes centre stage

In the Škoda Vision Gran Turismo, the driver sits at the centre of a minimalist digital cockpit, just like in an open-top formula racing car. The adjustable sports bucket seat, ergonomically designed to hug the driver’s body, is equipped with a six-point harness in eye-catching Red Orange. The futuristic-looking carbon steering wheel is flattened at the top and bottom. It was designed in collaboration with expert gamers who have been driving in Gran Turismo for many years. The whole HMI and button control concept, with its three individually customisable buttons, is based on professional gaming steering wheels. Above the steering wheel directly in the driver’s field of vision, a crystal stone serves as a power meter. The cockpit display not only shows the current speed, selected driving mode, and battery level but also doubles as a rearview mirror, displaying the area behind the vehicle at all times. In addition, onboard distance sensors alert the driver to other vehicles in the vicinity, effectively reducing lateral collisions.

Škoda Vision Gran Turismo | Infographic User interface

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Škoda Vision Gran Turismo

Škoda Vision Gran Turismo

Impressive performance, sound and driving dynamics

Designed for efficiency and outstanding driving dynamics, the vehicle weighs only 1,300 kilograms and combines a length of approximately 4.41 metres with a width of nearly 1.95 metres and a height of just 94.9 centimetres. A total of four electric motors, powered by an 87 kWh lithium-ion battery, make for impressive propulsion. The synchronous (brushless) motors with permanent magnets are arranged as twin units, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle. Each motor delivers 200 kW and 25,000 rpm, resulting in a powerful system output of 800 kW*. The maximum torque is 1,020 Nm, enabling seamless acceleration via a single-speed transmission. The all-wheel drive actively optimises torque distribution between the two axles for better cornering performance, thus ensuring a responsive driving experience. The basis for the outstanding driving dynamics is an independent-arms pushrod‑type suspension system similar to those used in Formula E. This further improves stability at high speeds, reduces body roll and lowers the vehicle’s centre of gravity. The dynamic sound of the Škoda Vision Gran Turismo is a special creation by the Škoda Development and Design team.

Driving through the decades: Gran Turismo’s diverse fleet across eras and styles

The Gran Turismo series of racing simulation video games is developed by Polyphony Digital. Released on PlayStation systems, Gran Turismo games emulate the appearance and performance of a large selection of vehicles, which are licensed reproductions of real-world automobiles. Gran Turismo 7 features over 400 cars from more than 60 automotive manufacturers. From familiar production models to legendary, rare racing vehicles from different decades, segments and racing styles as well as a large selection of prototypes, the cars have been meticulously recreated in-game.

Škoda Vision Gran Turismo

Škoda Vision Gran Turismo

Technical specifications

Powertrain   4× synchronous brushless electric motors with permanent magnets
Max. system output [kW] 800*
Max. system torque [Nm] 1,020
Max. engine speed [rpm] 25,000
Battery type   Li-ion (lithium-ion) battery
Battery capacity [kWh] 87
Transmission   Single-speed
Drivetrain   All-wheel drive
Front axle   Independent-arms pushrod-type suspension
Rear axle   Independent-arms pushrod-type suspension
Length [mm] 4,407
Width [mm] 1,947 
Height [mm] 949
Weight [kg] 1,300


* Equivalent to 1071 bhp as measured in the Gran Turismo 7 game engine. This bhp metric is used to allow players to easily compare power ratings of both EV and non-EV vehicles.


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