ŠKODA Vrchlabí Plant Produces One Million DQ 200 Gearboxes

​› ŠKODA manufactures one million dual-clutch gearboxes since October 2012
› Daily capacity of 2000 DSG transmissions; 245 million euros invested
› Vrchlabí plant awarded European prize ‘Factory of the Year’

​Mladá Boleslav/Vrchlabí, 18 February 2016 –ŠKODA’s Vrchlabí plant has produced the millionth DQ 200 dual-clutch gearbox since production began in 2012. The modern direct shift gearbox is used in ŠKODA cars as well as vehicles produced by Volkswagen Group.


“Manufacturing one million DSG transmissions highlights the capabilities of our staff at the Vrchlabí plant, and marks another milestone in ŠKODA’s component production in the Czech Republic,” says ŠKODA Board Member for Production Michael Oeljeklaus, adding: “The state-of-the-art DQ 200 dual clutch transmission, which is manufactured by the local ŠKODA team, is of great strategic importance to the entire Volkswagen Group.”

Vrchlabí was transformed from a vehicle-manufacturing plant to a component-production site in 2012. New factory building was built and the existing production halls were modernized within 18 months. Last year, the Vrchlabí plant was awarded ‘Factory of the Year’ for the quick preparation of DQ 200 production and the dynamic development of the site. The prize is one of the most prestigious awards for the manufacturing industry in Europe.

“In preparing for DQ 200 production, ŠKODA and the Volkswagen Group invested a total of 245 million euros into reconstructing the production halls, acquiring technical equipment, building the Training Centre for gear production, and logistics. “In recent years, the Vrchlabí plant has evolved into a high-tech location,” says Head of ŠKODA Component Manufacturing, Frank Engel.

ŠKODA’s Vrchlabí plant, with around 1000 staff, is one of the most important employers in the Hradec Králové region. The production capacity for DSG gearboxes is set to increase this year to 2000 units per day.

In addition to gearbox production at Vrchlabí, the transmissions MQ 200 and MQ/SQ 100 run off the production lines at the main factory in Mladá Boleslav. To date, more than seven million of them have been produced there – around six million MQ 200 transmissions and more than one million MQ-100. This mechanical gearbox is also used in ŠKODA cars, as well as other brands within the Volkswagen Group. Currently, around 700 people are employed in gearbox manufacturing at the Mladá Boleslav plant.

Selected milestones in ŠKODA AUTO gearbox production:

02/2016: 1 million DQ 200 from Vrchlabí plant
12/2015: 6 million MQ 200 from Mladá Boleslav plant
10/2015: 1 million MQ/SQ 100 from Mladá Boleslav plant
10/2014: 0.5 million DQ 200 from Vrchlabí plant
02/2013: 5 million MQ 200 from Mladá Boleslav plant
09/2012: Launch of DQ 200 production at Vrchlabí plant
01/2011: 4 million MQ 200 from Mladá Boleslav plant
05/2009: 3 million MQ 200 from Mladá Boleslav plant
06/2007: 2 million MQ 200 from Mladá Boleslav plant
03/2005: 1 million MQ 200 from Mladá Boleslav plant

160218 SKODA Vrchlabi Plant Produces One Million DQ 200 Gearboxes

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