ŠKODA’s clever luggage solutions for travel and leisure

› Increasing the luggage capacity with roof and rear racks, roof boxes and trailers
› Racks for bicycles and other sports equipment from ŠKODA Genuine Accessories
› Practical, versatile and secure fastening thanks to high-quality mounting systems

Mladá Boleslav, 24 July 2020 – ŠKODA cars offer plenty of space for passengers and luggage as standard. Models like the KODIAQ, the SUPERB COMBI, the OCTAVIA COMBI and the SCALA even boast the largest boot in their class. And if that’s not enough, ŠKODA offers numerous possibilities to transport bicycles, sports equipment and bulky items. ŠKODA Genuine Accessories make it easy to carry additional luggage the roof, the rear rack or in a separate trailer.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many families will be spending the summer holidays in their own country this year. So it is good to know that ŠKODA offers many transport solutions to increase the vehicle’s luggage capacity to suit individual needs. Be it bicycles, sports equipment, a tent or barbecue equipment – if something doesn’t fit in the boot, the extra holiday luggage can be easily carried on the roof, the rear rack or in a separate trailer. These high-quality and stable carrier systems and roof boxes are versatile and noticeably increase comfort when travelling. The range of accessories also includes retrofittable trailer couplings, which are rigid, removable or swivel-mounted, depending on the model. All genuine accessories have been developed and tested especially for ŠKODA vehicles and meet the most stringent requirements for fit, handling, durability and safety.

Roof racks and roof boxes for all models
Roof racks are available for all ŠKODA models with and without roof rails. Long and bulky objects that do not fit in the boot or the interior can be attached to them. When not in use, the base and crossbars can be neatly stowed away in a storage bag. The easy-to-fit roof boxes are a particularly practical addition to the luggage rack, offering up to 510 litres of additional storage space. These can hold a large part of the holiday luggage, making it a breeze even for the 3.60-metre-long CITIGOe iV. The ŠKODA roof boxes are lockable, waterproof and available in black, silver and white. Their aerodynamically optimised shape minimises the impact on fuel consumption and driving stability at higher speeds. The wind noise during the journey is also kept low.

Bicycle racks for the roof and trailer hitch
ŠKODA offers two equally practical and secure transport solutions for bicycles. Vehicles with a trailer hitch can be equipped with a rear rack that can hold up to three bicycles, depending on the model. The lockable rack makes mounting straightforward and safe and is also suitable for carrying e-bikes thanks to its high load-bearing capacity. It comes complete with rear lights and license plate holder. The alternative is another lockable bicycle rack for the roof, which can be mounted on the roof base rack or the roof rails using crossbars. This allows up to three bikes to be transported safely. Winter sports enthusiasts also get their money’s worth, as special roof racks are available for the CITIGOe iV, OCTAVIA, SUPERB and the SUV models KAMIQ, KAROQ and KODIAQ that can carry up to four pairs of skis or two snowboards.

Trailer coupling can also be retrofitted
Most ŠKODA models can also be retrofitted with a trailer hitch from ŠKODA Genuine Accessories. In addition to versions with a rigid ball head, there are also versions with a removable or swivel ball head that can be hidden under the vehicle when not in use.

Tips for loading and driving with racks, roof box & co
› The basic rule is: preferably stow heavy luggage at the bottom of the vehicle, as a high centre of gravity can impair handling, especially on bends.
› Make sure that the luggage is well secured on the roof rack because a poorly secured load can quickly turn into a missile in an emergency stop. Always observe the permissible roof loads: They range from 50 kg for the CITIGOe iV to 100 kg for the SUPERB. All other ŠKODA models are approved for roof loads of up to 75 kilograms.
› Long and heavy items should be stowed in the roof box first and carefully lashed down. In the front area, soft items of luggage such as jackets or sleeping bags can act as a cushion. Also, fill any gaps so that nothing moves around during the journey.
› When driving into multi-storey car parks, please bear in mind the total height, including the roof box. SUV models such as the KODIAQ and KAROQ can easily exceed the 2-metre mark.
› After a few kilometres, or at the latest at the first service stop, check that the load and luggage are firmly in place and, if necessary, make adjustments.
› When driving with a roof load or trailer, the following applies: The higher centre of gravity, additional weight and greater air resistance influence driving behaviour and lead to longer braking distances.
› When using rear brackets on the trailer coupling, the maximum nose weight must be observed. Information on this can be found in the vehicle documentation.
› If the rack and roof box are not required, they should be dismounted to save fuel.

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