Smart and safe through the winter with ŠKODA

› Simply Clever features help drivers through the winter months
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Mladá Boleslav, 12 December 2019 – Let it snow: Thanks to innovative Simply Clever features, ŠKODA drivers are well prepared for the freezing temperatures, snow and ice. You can get your car ready for winter at your local ŠKODA dealership in good time for the start of the cold season.

The winter months present motorists with additional challenges: Getting dark sooner, falling temperatures, snow and icy demand all the driver’s attention and a cautious and vigilant driving style. Anyone who has prepared their vehicle well in time for winter is at a significant advantage. ŠKODA dealers offer a winter fitness check for this purpose. They test the functionality of all components related to safety; they check the radiator antifreeze and whether the battery is working well enough to power the starter motor even after frosty nights. In addition, changing to winter tyres is just as important as sufficient antifreeze in the windscreen washer system.

But even those who have made their car fit for the winter will not be able to avoid one or two extra layers if the car is exposed to the elements. After precipitation, the vehicle must be cleared of snow and then any ice will have to be scraped away. From time to time the windscreen washer tank will need to be topped up and the headlights and rear lights cleared. All this is usually done in the cold and when it is dark or snowing. Anyone who has the necessary assistants in their car will appreciate the helping hand. This is where ŠKODA drivers have a clear advantage: Some of the brand-typical Simply Clever ideas are especially useful throughout the winter months.

Simply Clever features help you through the winter
Many motorists start the day scraping snow and ice off their vehicle. This is what makes the ice scraper, kept in the fuel cap of each ŠKODA, indispensable. One of the classic Simply Clever features is the handy ruler to measure the tread depth of the tyres. Winter tyres should have a profile of at least four millimetres so that they have sufficient grip on snow-covered ground when pulling away and on hill starts. Those often caught in winter traffic should also regularly top up the windscreen wash. Only then can the windscreen wipers provide a clear view of the road at all times. ŠKODA models like the SCALA or the KAMIQ offer a simple but very convenient extra. The wash water tank has a special cap that opens into a funnel. Antifreeze and water can be poured in without spilling any screen wash, preventing any dripping onto the floor through the engine compartment. The feature is also available as a genuine accessory for all other ŠKODA models.

The umbrella is also a very useful companion in winter: good to know that all ŠKODA vehicles have one on board as another Simply Clever classic. It is located in a compartment in the driver’s door and is always at hand when the heavens open. The safety vests found in each door compartment are also a practical addition. A portable LED flashlight, which is integrated and charged in the boot, provides light in the wintry darkness. It comes as standard, for example, in the ŠKODA KAMIQ from the Ambition equipment line up.

In addition to these Simply Clever features, ŠKODA vehicles also have numerous other highlights that ensure greater comfort and safety in winter. Heated front windows, exterior mirrors and washer nozzles ensure that the view remains clear at all times and that the windscreen washer system functions reliably even at temperatures below freezing. Even greater comfort is ensured by an optional heated steering wheel or auxiliary heating, which can be controlled remotely by a smartphone via ŠKODA Connect online services.

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