Giant Construction: the ŠKODA Stand in Geneva

After a number of years, ŠKODA has completely transformed the look of its stand at this year’s Motor Show in Geneva. We present to you here a unique time-lapse video, showing how such a remarkable structure is built with the help of nearly a hundred Czech professionals.

13. 3. 2017 Škoda World

It’s a job comparable to building a large home. This stand at the Geneva Motor Show bears the Czech name over a floor space of approximately 2,000 square meters, and each meter is perfectly thought out. Just the behind-the-scenes area alone includes nearly 20 different rooms, from the large technicians’ facilities, through the clothing and meeting rooms, to the kitchen and offices. And, running through all this, is tens of kilometers of cable.



Around 15 cars are on display at the stand every day, and the composition of the presentation is completely changed out several times throughout the show – taking nearly a hundred people the entire night. There’s a sizable gift shop to be found here, as well as several thematically designed zones for visitors. It's simply a one-of-a-kind world unto itself – once you’ve experienced its atmosphere, you’ll never forget it. Now, with this impressive time-lapse video, you can go behind the scenes to see how the stand is built.

30 trucks, 2 years of preparation

The entire exhibition was designed as kind of a construction kit to simplify assembly and set-up; moving it to each different motor show takes over thirty trucks. This in itself is no easy task. The assembly process takes 15-20 days, with each show requiring its own specific modifications. The specific appearance of the entire project is drawn up two years before each event, and the complete architectural plans must be prepared a year in advance, including load calculations and escape routes.

The final decision as to what new models will be introduced to the visitors is made about six months before the exhibition. And, should any of the vehicles get marred up during the event, there’s always an on-site support team from the ŠKODA factory who can fix the cars on the spot – typically in record time.