The secrets of camouflage

The secrets of camouflage

ŠKODA shields its prototypes from the public’s prying eyes employing inventive techniques of camouflage. Let's take a look at what they can do.

25. 5. 2020 Škoda World Innovation & technology

At a certain prototype phase, every new model heads out onto public roads so that the manufacturer can test its qualities in real traffic. Various camouflage techniques are used to keep the car’s design as secret as possible, even when it’s at large and exposed.

The most common disguises are unusual patterns that distract curious eyes and stop them getting a complete image of all the car’s lines and design details. This camouflage often even covers part of the headlights, the radiator grille and other areas of the car. But sometimes the car’s lines are transformed by the addition of shaped foam parts.

At ŠKODA, though, the company’s specialists have combined the art of subtle disguise with an unexpected ability to grab fans’ attention without giving too much away. ŠKODA have thus used specially camouflaged cars to promote a model just before its first public unveiling. Designing and applying this kind of camouflage is not just a science, it’s an art as well. Sometimes literally, as the following four examples illustrate.


In 2017 a disguised ŠKODA KAROQ set off its world premiere in the Swedish capital Stockholm, travelling over 1,500 kilometres across Europe in special grey-black-white camouflage.



In 2018 ŠKODA opted for a subtle camouflage for its KODIAQ RS, the sports version of the brand’s biggest SUV. Before its premiere, the thus covered KODIAQ RS was driven round the famous Nordschleife of the Nürburgring by racing driver Sabine Schmitz, who set a track record in the seven-seater SUV category.



At the end of that year, a ŠKODA SCALA appeared by the Lennon Wall in Prague just before its world premiere. In the spirit of the brightly coloured wall, the car served as a canvas for Czech street artist Chemis.



A ŠKODA OCTAVIA in “canary” camouflage was put to intensive use before its world premiere in November 2019. Before its unveiling it too was used as inspiration for artists and fans of the brand could compete for tickets to the world premiere as part of the “Catch Me If You Can” event.


This year, the upcoming electric ŠKODA ENYAQ iV SUV was decked out in striking green camouflage. The ENYAQ iV will be unveiled in its undisguised form later this year.