The new Škoda Kamiq seen through a designer’s eyes

The new Škoda Kamiq seen through a designer’s eyes

The Škoda Kamiq, the Czech carmaker’s smallest SUV, has had a facelift. Besides new technology, it has been given a more self-confident design that underlines this urban SUV’s robust character.

2. 8. 2023 Škoda World

The modernisation aligns the Kamiq more closely with its bigger siblings in the Škoda SUV family.  “With the facelift, the vertical architecture of the Kamiq, together with its robust bumpers, emphasises the car’s self-assured SUV character,” explains designer Dalibor Pantůček. Both bumpers have been redesigned and the Kamiq has been given a striking new front grille and new headlights. “The grille is taller and wider to give a more dominant overall look. The new double vertical fins are also important to its expression,” Pantůček says of the changes. The grille is thus closer in expression to its larger SUV siblings, the Karoq and Kodiaq.

Dalibor Pantůček points out the upper section of the headlight that gives light a hi-tech look.

Jewels as lights

The new headlights have new proportions. The Kamiq still retains the double vertical headlight arrangement typical of Škoda SUVs. The top section with daytime running lights is now narrower on the updated car, giving it a more hi-tech look. “We apply our popular Czech crystal theme here, where the daytime running light elements take the form of three-dimensional crystalline stones and look like jewels on the car,” Pantůček reveals in detail.

Take a look at the Monte Carlo version of the new Škoda Kamiq

The headlights on the modernised Kamiq have been given new proportions, which changes their character. “As an option, you can have a Full LED Matrix module, and this part of the headlight has also been given interesting graphic elements in a pyramidal structure, which again underlines the impression of jewels,” Pantůček says. At the same time, the vertical arrangement of the headlights, along with the higher position on the nose, emphasises the SUV look. The robust bumpers then help to ensure that the headlights, and with them all the functional elements, are better protected. “The aim was to make the car’s bumpers look more protective,” Pantůček remarks.

In the intake part, the bumper has a new grille that follows up the appearance of the Škoda family’s larger SUV brethren, so that the design is consistent. The chunky spoiler in the bottom part has three vents, another typical feature of Škoda SUVs. The main intake is split horizontally by robust struts, which visually add a sense of stability to the whole. Many of these details, including of course the radiator grille, will come in the typical black gloss finish on Monte Carlo models, while standard versions will use a combination of chrome and matt silver parts.

The rear lights of the Kamiq

Effective rear

“When I see the previous Kamiq from the rear on the road today, I think to myself that it presents a very self-confident, broad impression. With the facelift, we decided to accent this character even more,” Pantůček says, beginning his description of the rear of the car. The new light signature is divided into segments and, together with the L-shaped reflectors, forms a typical C-shaped signature. The signature’s proportions are lower, moved further to the side and positioned as high above the road as possible to boost the impression of robustness.

Designer Dalibor Pantůček emphasis the rugged looks of the revamped rear.

The bumper gets a new diffuser with a more sophisticated look. Its design in the bottom part evokes the three-vent solution on the nose. There is also a grille with the same structure as the front in the air intake area. The towing fixture, which is available to order, is then integrated into the bumper in a way that makes it almost invisible at first glance. The shape of the diffuser does not change whether the car has a towing fixture or not. Needless to say, the upgraded Kamiq also features a new range of wheels.

The Monte Carlo version has been given 18-inch wheels.

In its interior, the new Škoda Kamiq places the emphasis on environmentally friendly materials that are easier to recycle and more often come from recycled raw materials. Ergonomics was also a fundamental consideration. Customers will appreciate the climate control with buttons and rotary controls. But that doesn’t mean that the Kamiq is missing out on modern solutions. On the contrary, these are now standard, with even the basic model featuring a digital instrument panel (8 inches as standard, 10.25 inches as an option) or infotainment touchscreen (8.25 inches and 9.2 inches as an option). Customers will be able to choose from three trim levels and a total of six interior styles.

In the interior the designers prioritised ergonomics and sustainability.

The Kamiq has the fuel-efficient 1.0 and 1.5 TSI engines from the evo2 generation under its bonnet and the car can be equipped with truly modern technology. It comes with the now-expected array of driving assistance systems: Front Assist with pedestrian detection, Lane Assist, traffic sign recognition, Manoeuvre Assist and also hand detection on the steering wheel as standard. Optionally, the Kamiq can have Side Assist, adaptive cruise control or adaptive Lane Assist. An above-standard solution can also be found behind the edge of the generous luggage compartment: the fifth door can be optionally operated electrically, in which case there is also a virtual pedal function to open it easily by wiggling a foot beneath the bumper.

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