Electrifying the bear: driving the Škoda Kodiaq iV

Electrifying the bear: driving the Škoda Kodiaq iV

The only difference between the new Škoda Kodiaq iV and its bear brothers is two letters. And we put this first ever plug-in hybrid Kodiaq through its paces.

30. 4. 2024 Models Kodiaq

The test drive of Škoda Storyboard took place during the official media launch with international journalists amidst the captivating landscapes of the Costa Brava in the picturesque region of Catalonia, located in north-eastern Spain.

41_Skoda_Kodiaq_daff8d72_efe3e374The Škoda Kodiaq family

Performance and driving experience 

The Kodiaq iV demonstrated performance and efficiency as it navigated the winding coastal roads and hilly terrain of Catalonia. “The plug-in hybrid powertrain features a 1.5 TSI petrol engine combined with an electric motor and delivers a seamless and responsive driving experience”, says David Voldřich, product developer at Škoda Auto and responsible for the Kodiaq iV’s powertrain development. The system output of 150 kW (204 hp) provides plenty of power for acceleration and overtaking manoeuvres, while the all-electric range of more than 100 kilometres has proven to be an advantage for urban commutes and more environmentally conscious driving in the picturesque surroundings. 

The driver can set the level of recuperation recovery in the vehicle menu and choose between hybrid drive (the car automatically chooses which power to use to move) or fully electric ride. The car’s displays provide key information such as current range, traction battery capacity and current fuel and electricity consumption. Recuperation works particularly well on challenging and twisty roads in serpentine passages works very well, capturing energy during deceleration and contributing to the car’s efficiency and range.

Selecting between hybrid and fully electric power is really easy.

The Kodiaq iV’s dynamic chassis control system (DCC Plus) contributes to a comfortable ride, absorbing bumps in the road and improving overall driving stability.

Interior of the Škoda Kodiaq iV

Features and technology 

The Kodiaq iV showcases a range of innovative features and advanced technologies designed to enhance the driving experience and provide comfort for both the driver and passengers. The infotainment systems, including the optional 13-inch screen and head-up display, offer intuitive control and comprehensive access to navigation, entertainment, and vehicle information. “The Smart Dials below the infotainment display provide easy and customisable access to various vehicle functions, combining haptic and digital elements,” adds Jil Mahler, head of product marketing SUV at Škoda Auto. 


The plug-in hybrid system's connectivity and online mobile services further complement the driving experience, allowing seamless integration of smartphone functions and access to charging station information. Furthermore, the climate control system, massage seats, and Phone Box for simultaneous inductive fast charging of two smartphones add a touch of luxury and comfort to the interior.

With fast charging you go from 10% battery capacity to 80% in 25 minutes.

“The Škoda Kodiaq iV demonstrates its prowess as a versatile and sustainable SUV. With its plug-in hybrid powertrain, advanced technology, and comfortable driving dynamics, the Kodiaq iV is equally at home in the city or on a scenic drive. At the same time it’s still a typical Škoda, offering plenty of space and simply clever features,” says product spokesperson Zbyněk Straškraba.

Klaus Zellmer at the wheel of a Škoda Kodiaq iV