Cooking in the Wild with ŠKODA and Almazan Kitchen: Forest

Cooking in the Wild with ŠKODA and Almazan Kitchen: Forest


Finding an inner balance and tranquillity is a real luxury in this modern world, with all its stress and tension. Embark on peaceful journey into the countryside and enjoy cooking in the wild with ŠKODA and Almazan Kitchen.

19. 9. 2019

The spiritual guide on this journey into the breath-taking nature of the Austrian Alps is Almazan Kitchen, a family project by Boban and Aleksandar Almazan that goes way beyond your ordinary cooking experience. The uncle-and-nephew team have mastered the art of outdoor cooking to perfection. Yet they are not your typical TV foodie show. As they say themselves, “It's not only about the food – it's about the relaxing atmosphere. That's why we do everything slowly. No rush.”

The videos of the two are more of a therapeutic tool for modern weary souls – though you won’t hear any banter in them, the sound is a vital part of why Almazan Kitchen stories are so soothing to watch. They have the power to teleport you immediately to a beautiful place out there in the country and let you chill as you watch their great culinary skills. Their craft is beyond this world, yet still down to earth – the biggest inspiration for their cooking is nature itself. Seeing their meals cooked over an open fire will make you hungry for the food and the forest.


This is why ŠKODA and Almazan Kitchen have teamed up to prepare this short series about cooking in the wild. Enjoy it and check out the recipe below for pork slow-roasted the Almazan Kitchen way!

PS: There will be something for fish lovers and vegetarians in upcoming episodes.



Prepare some wood and make a fire. Find a long wooden stick with two split ends. Mix the salt, pepper and Almazan BBQ spice mix with vegetable oil, cover the meat in marinade and let it absorb the taste for at least one hour – the longer the better! Put the meat on a stick and roast over the fire for at least an hour and a half. Keep turning the meat slowly while basting it with the marinade and letting the roast drippings drip into the pan.


Roughly 15 minutes before the meat is ready, make gravy from the roast drippings and roast the corn. First add butter and fresh thyme to the pan with the roast drippings and simmer. Place the fresh corn on the hot stones bordering the fire and turn them every minute until cooked after five minutes.

When everything is ready, simply remove the meat from the stick and slice it into pieces. Pour the gravy over the meat and serve the roasted corn as a side.

Enjoy with no rush!


Almazan Kitchen


Almazan Kitchen is Aleksandar and Boban Almazan, a Serbian nephew and uncle and authors of one of the most popular YouTube cooking channels. Their unique style of outdoor cooking has attracted more than 2.7 million subscribers and their videos showing simple yet delicious recipes get tens of millions of views. Their main passion is staying true to cooking on an open fire using organic ingredients with a note of Serbian traditional cuisine.