Škoda Enyaq and electric bicycles – the ideal combination

Škoda Enyaq and electric bicycles – the ideal combination

They say that real cycling is done in the hills, but with an e-bike it can be a slightly more accessible and enjoyable experience for some of us. A fully electric Škoda Enyaq and a couple of electric bikes is the ideal combination for that kind of outing.

1. 9. 2023 Lifestyle Sports

The Škoda Enyaq is a car made for exploring. Its spaciousness gives you plenty of options for how to enjoy every trip. It can easily take all the equipment you need, such as tents or camping furniture. And in combination with electric bikes you have the perfect recipe for an enjoyable outing. Most cyclists can get by with a simple bike rack mounted on the towbar on the rear.

You can go to all kinds of places with an Enyaq and eletric bikes - such as the picturesque Saint Lucy trail through the area around the Croatian village of Skitača at the southernmost tip of the Labin peninsula.

A bike rack on the towbar is the ideal accessory for an electric bike. Škoda sells them in versions for two or three bikes. In addition, such a rack has just a little impact on the electric car's range, as the bikes are located in the bodywork and what matters is their weight (just like any additional weight of the load) rather than any change in aerodynamics.

To the north of Pula lies the Krnica seaside resort, with lots of trails suitable for electric bikes.

What if I don’t have a towbar?

If your Enyaq doesn’t have the towbar needed for the bike rack, you can buy one. Always contact an authorised workshop for installation, because they will also know whether in your country, the Czech Republic for example, the added towing device must pass a technical inspection and be registered in the vehicle’s technical licence.

When you’re out exploring winding and hilly roads, the advantages of an electric drive will stand out. Both the car’s smooth response and its ability to recuperate energy, which not only tops up the battery but also minimises the need to keep your foot on the brake on steep descents, make the journey more enjoyable. Despite its size, in these conditions the Enyaq thus confirms its excellent handling and user-friendliness.

The road to the Istrian resort of Rebići leads through gorgeous landscapes that both drivers and electric bike riders will enjoy.

The practical side of the car is also great for such outings. With a boot capacity of 585 litres, the Enyaq is a truly practical companion. The many practical storage spaces in the car also come in handy.

Accessories for cyclists and everyone else

The Škoda e-shop offers a range of accessories for cyclists and non-cyclists alike. You can find cycling jerseys (men’s, women’s and children’s), T-shirts, jackets, gloves and other cycling clothing. There are also cycling helmets, lights, drinking bottles and other small items. The e-shop also sells bicycles and scooters of the Škoda brand.

Local Škoda e-shop offers may vary, please contact your dealer.

Bike racks and your registration number

On the Škoda Enyaq and many other cars, a bike rack in use on the towbar covers the number plate on the boot lid. In the vast majority of countries around the world there are rules prohibiting covering the plate for any reason; the number plate must be visible and legible in all conditions. While there are exceptions, most European drivers probably don’t go to Utah and Michigan, for example, which tolerate number plates concealed by bike racks.

The little town of Rakalj is twenty kilometres from Pula, and from there it’s not far to the Vidikovac lookout point that offers stunning views of the nearby sea and beaches.

So the rules are clear: the number plate must be attached to the rack. However, there are some differences in the legislation here too, which can be illustrated by the example of Switzerland, for example. Until recently, that country did not allow the issue of a third number plate, so users of bicycle racks there had to mount the plate from the rear of the car onto the rack. Since March 2022, however, the authorities have allowed the issue of a third number plate. And drivers have a choice: either get a third number plate or use the existing one.

Drivers in most other European countries have a similar choice. However, there are some countries that may have different requirements (for example, three number plates are mandatory and moving them is prohibited), so always check before you travel. In Italy, for example, the bike rack must be accompanied by a warning plate in addition to the number plate. Austria requires its citizens to display a third red number plate on the bike rack. A few years ago, it was sufficient in some countries to display a home-made copy of the number plate on the bike rack – but that is no longer the case, and you can be fined for having a home-made copy, just as you can be fined for driving without a number plate on the bike rack.


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