The KAROQ Story

The KAROQ Story

What’s in a name, you ask? Just a bit of history, inspiration and cleverness.

28. 4. 2017 Models Karoq

Models of ŠKODA have a history of evocative names that set the tone for their automotive experience. SUPERB, OCTAVIA, KODIAQ – just hearing their names conveys a certain impression long before you even lay your eyes on them. The new KAROQ continues this tradition with a name that cleverly blends the past with a nod to the future.

The crystal arrowhead that appears in the ŠKODA logo has deep roots in Czech history. Czech cubism, its crystal-making heritage, the national flag and the diacritic symbol that sits above the ‘S’ in ‘ŠKODA’, have all contributed to this ultimate brand expression of forward momentum.

The winged arrow, to which the arrowhead belongs, itself underlines the ŠKODA logo. This icon of mobility was inspired by native American culture. And this is where the genesis of KAROQ took place.


The ŠKODA logo has deep roots in Czech history

One of those native tribes, from Alaska, call an arrow ‘RUQ'. While the Alutiiq people of Kodiak island, Alaska, use the word ‘KAARAQ’ to describe a car. This realisation led to a Eureka moment.

An inventive blend of these two words has created an SUV with a soul that’s as timeless as its design – the KAROQ. It follows the footsteps of its brother, the KODIAQ, and marks ŠKODA’s next confident leap into SUV territory.


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