Road to Stockholm with the KAROQ, Part 2: Germany

Road to Stockholm with the KAROQ, Part 2: Germany

The camouflaged KAROQ continued on its remarkable journey to the world premiere through both the urban jungles and backwoods of Germany. Experience Zwickau, Berlin and Rügen with the new ŠKODA!

17. 5. 2017 Models Karoq

ŠKODA Storyboard Liveticker – KAROQ World Premiere


A ferry ride from the captain’s point of view. You don’t experience this every day!

The new ŠKODA KAROQ is a ticket to the captain’s bridge. The journey of this camouflaged prototype from the Czech Republic to Stockholm also caught an interest of a company with the largest fleet of ferries in the world, and our driver Alex received a royal welcome. Or, more precisely, a captain’s welcome.

KAROQ is larger than its predecessor in all directions. Compared to the machine driven by Captain Eckhard Gotte, however, it’s a complete dwarf. His ship the Sassnitz is over 170 meters long, the four engines have a total power of over 25 thousand HP, and it carries 3,000 tonnes of cargo. However, the length of the transport space is the most important parameter for a ferry. The Sassnitz can accommodate more than a kilometer long line of cars, trucks, and even trains. Being behind the “wheel” of such a boat is an exceptional experience.


Eckhard Gotte

“I’ve been the captain for 11 years now. Before that, I was the first officer, before that second officer, and so on. There are no shortcuts in our profession, so you have to go the entire way up. You always start from the bottom, and you have to study a lot because the tests are very challenging,” explains Gotte. The Stena Line company has a total of 36 ferries, and two captains alternate each week. But they’re always faithful to a single ship.


Adventure? It depends on the weather

The captain’s bridge is surprisingly quiet, as if there weren’t 900 passengers and more than 200 cars beneath Alex. To handle such a colossus, it’s surprising that it takes only two people to pilot it. If everything is running as it should, the ferry can float on autopilot. “Today is nice, we’re running on only two engines. Sometimes, however, it can be pretty wild,” says Gotte, pointing to a framed photograph on the wall where the entire bow of a huge ferry is disappearing in the water spray. The KAROQ knows a similar trick, since the new 1.5 TSI engine can shut down half of its cylinders to save fuel at a low load. At that moment, the captain’s phone rings. A problem? No, that was my wife. He should probably drive cautiously and call her when he arrives...


Driving such a large ship is incomparable with a car. The braking distance alone from cruising speed can be as long as half a mile (or three quarters of a kilometer), so the KAROQ wins this one hands down. It also wins in another category, namely acceleration: “We’ll be up to regular speed in two to three minutes,” says the captain. There are hundreds of levers, buttons, switches, headphones, steering wheels, and screens on the bridge.

I’m the captain

The most important systems, such as radars, are doubled for safety reasons. It’s a huge contrast to the KAROQ with its large touch infotainment screen and a digital instrument panel, the very first ŠKODA car to boast with one.

The Sassnitz ship dates back to 1989, but according to Gotte, it still has at least 10 or 15 years of service ahead of it. “She’s in great shape. Maintaining such a machine is very challenging, though, and must be done every day,” explains the captain. Eventually, he introduces Alex to the engine room and to the engines that few ever see. No photos here, though. And can I really come here? Alex asks. “I’m the captain,” Gotte smiles.


And as it soon turns out, ŠKODA fans can be found even in such extraordinary places. The main technician has been driving the latest generation of the SUPERB model for the last year, and he can’t praise it enough. The talk of the KAROQ finally terminates the captain who has duties to do.

Thanks for this experience!

ŠKODA Storyboard Liveticker – KAROQ World Premiere


Beautiful cliffs and beaches. KAROQ isn’t afraid to go off the asphalt 

Have you ever been to Rügen? If not, you’ve missed a lot! You can explore the most beautiful places on the largest island of Germany with a KAROQ and a guide who really knows his job.

This time, Alex – on his trip from Mladá Boleslav to Stockholm – has been joined by an experienced guide named Dan who wanted to show him some of his favorite places. And Dan wanted nothing more than to ride in the new KAROQ. He was one of the first people in the world to enjoy a ride in it. “I drive a ŠKODA like my dad did. So, of course, I’m very curious about the KAROQ. Now I can boast that I sat there before the premiere,” Dan smiles. But Alex didn’t regret it either. If you love nature, the sea, and unique places with the magic of old times, Rügen is exactly the right location. Take a tour of Rügen yourself in the following video.




Beautiful forests on the Baltic Sea coast and beaches over 10 kilometers long serve as direct inspiration to try out an agile four-wheeler outside the paved roads. KAROQ has a relatively short overhang due to its compact size, and there's also a five-way driving mode selector on the dashboard as well as an Offroad option. This lets the 4x4 version immediately adapt to more demanding conditions. The KAROQ is then ready to easily overcome a loose and slippery surface, and there’s no fear of getting stuck.



Even in the fine sand, the combination of the seven-speed dual-clutch DSG gearbox and the powerful TDI diesel engine proved to be successful. The car is very comfortable in difficult terrain and responds smoothly and fluently to every command. Fluency and accuracy are the most important things in every adventurous exploration mission. “It’s the perfect car for a guide,” Dan concludes.

ŠKODA Storyboard Liveticker – KAROQ World Premiere


Cars and bicycles go well together – Berlin is the evidence

Are you from Germany? No, I’m from Berlin! This city has such a unique atmosphere that its inhabitants consider themselves to be Berliners first and foremost. They ride bikes, wear eccentric clothes, and they’re always up to something. But they’ve never lost their relationship to cars.

When the journey from the Czech Republic to Sweden brought Alex and his KAROQ to Berlin, he decided to meet up with two friends – Nadja and André. As you could expect, they both arrived on bikes and invited Alex to the renowned Mauerpark. Here, people regularly meet at great public karaoke parties, where anyone can get up on the stage in the big amphitheater and show off their talents. The quick response of hundreds of enthusiastic viewers quickly tells our daredevil that he or she should either continue or quickly disappear. But what makes Berlin such a pulsating place where everyone seems so full of energy?

“People here are enthusiastic in a special way. They move here because they decided to live in Berlin, not because they just accidentally found themselves here. They want to live in Berlin,



want to experience its spirit, to be part of it. That’s why they enjoy the city and engage in its life. I traveled a lot around the world myself, and before I returned to Germany I was wondering what city to choose. Berlin was clearly the choice because it’s such an international city. A real melting pot,” Nadja said.


In her opinion, this multi-national environment has a special effect, unseen elsewhere in Germany: everyone speaks English in Berlin. The public space is also extraordinary. “Berlin has its own unique history. What other city was divided in two like this? When they tore the wall down, the people had that once-and-only opportunity to regain the city, opening up a tremendous space. Suddenly there was huge potential available,” adds André.


Both of our Berliners agree that even though the German capital is ideal for biking, they wouldn’t want to ban cars. “Biking is fine – but only when it’s an option, not a necessity. When you have to take a bike if it’s raining or you need to move things, it’s no fun. All we need is to have bikes and cars side by side more seamlessly,” Nadja thinks. Besides, ŠKODA once started as a bicycle manufacturer, and today it is also the main partner of the world’s most famous bicycle race, the Tour de France.

I like the KAROQ, it fits all my criteria. You can go to the lake with friends for a weekend just as easily as driving around in the city


According to Nadja, a car must be comfortable, nice to look at, and should have space enough for all the friends. The last point is the most critical for André when he’s car shopping. “I like the KAROQ, it fits all my criteria. You can go to the lake with friends for a weekend just as easily as driving around in the city. Cycling in Berlin is fun, but some places are really just too far away,” André says, concluding his private listing of the new KAROQ’s benefits.

ŠKODA Storyboard Liveticker – KAROQ World Premiere


Berlin! A spectacular city where ŠKODA is right at home

When you choose the right time, Berlin’s deserted streets offer a majestic spectacle. And if you’re one of the ŠKODA fans, you can find an extraordinary exhibition focused on this Czech brand directly in the city center.

Berlin is a city of many faces. Monumental historical architecture and wide boulevards, vibrant streets with thousands of cyclists, parks full of juggling, singing and sporting people, unbeatable cultural events and nightlife. The camouflaged prototype of the ŠKODA KAROQ arrived to the largest metropolis on its way from Mladá Boleslav to Stockholm and blended in perfectly. Actually, it’s been made to fit the urban life. The modern compact SUV, easily maneuverable and spacious at the same time, is easy to park and has thirteen assistant systems to keep the crew safe.


A heartfelt event for ŠKODA fans is Berlin’s show WHAT DRIVES YOU?, which you can find in “Unter den Linden” street, or Under the Lindens. Until July 8, there is a large exhibition area here dedicated to cars from Mladá Boleslav, and it’s even free. “People really love the ŠKODA exhibition. It’s very interactive and you can try lots of interesting things. On the big screen you can also watch matches from the world ice-hockey championship, where the Czechs are doing well so far,” says Stephan Krumme, the center supervisor, with a smile.





The ŠKODA exhibition is now the main attraction of the Volkswagen Group Forum, which opened two years ago and attracted a million visitors during the last year alone. The camouflaged KAROQ, parked in front of the door, attracted many visitors. “The design is beautiful. Even though I don’t see all the details, it’s an exciting car. I feel like taking it out to the desert somewhere,” says a man of thirty, apparently keen on sports. Since he loves cycling, he appreciated that the ŠKODA exhibition covered this sport with particular attention.

“I would take it right now if it were a different color. Dark blue would be best. Or perhaps black?” another young lady visitor said dreamingly when leaving the show. We can only suggest that a configurator and pricelist for the new KAROQ to be released soon will make her decisions easy as a breeze.

ŠKODA Storyboard Liveticker – KAROQ World Premiere


A classic red ŠKODA FELICIA from the turn of the 1950’s and 60’s, a majestic LAURIN & KLEMENT 110 of the 20’s, a beautifully maintained ŠKODA 1200 sedan, the immortal ŠKODA 1000 MB, and other cars in Germany’s Zwickau participated in a special meeting with the masked prototype of the ŠKODA KAROQ. These were no “polished beauties” from the garages – these cars are still in operation. Their owners use them not only for ordinary travel, but also for trips to the Nürburgring circuit, for trips across Europe, and in one case even a trip to the Arctic Circle.




“Our entire family has always been faithful to the ŠKODA brand; for 26 years we’ve been distributing these vehicles here in Zwickau. We founded the ŠKODA fan club in 2004, and it now has over 100 members. We organize frequent meetings and try to reach out to young people, too. Along with the historic LAURIN & KLEMENT, I myself also own the classic ŠKODA FELICIA convertible, which we drove down to Monaco two years ago,” says Andreas Müller. He was excited about the arrival of the camouflaged prototype. “I personally like the KAROQ even more than the KODIAQ; it’s sure to find plenty of customers,” he adds.


I personally like the KAROQ even more than the KODIAQ; it’s sure to find plenty of customers


And he’s certainly not the only one who was happy about the unexpected visit. “The new KAROQ is really super; compared to the previous YETI model, it’s much bigger. I’d buy it myself,” says Hendrik Pöttrich, owner of several ŠKODA cars. “Even when I was a little boy, my grandfather had a ŠKODA 105. I still remember very well how I stood between the back seats and watched him drive. In addition to the ŠKODA 120 LS, now I own a ŠKODA 110 R coupe. I even drove the MB 1000 to the polar circle! The trip lasted several weeks, led across Stockholm and back across Norway,” says Pöttrich.

Thanks to its 120 years of history, ŠKODA can now depend on thousands of such enthusiasts. And it’s cars like ŠKODA KAROQ that will make sure that more enthusiasts will be added in the future. “When my grandfather was alive, he always said that the MB 1000 was the most beautiful car he ever drove. Even today, ŠKODA is well on its way. It’s high time for models such as the KODIAQ and KAROQ to enter the market. I think they’ll be a huge success,” says Jens Wille, who leads the Zwickau ŠKODA fans club.


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