Safety: Maximum protection with up to ten airbags as well
as improved and new assistance systems

› Making their Superb debut: Turn Assist, Crossroad Assist, Emergency Steering Assist, Exit Warning and Automated Emergency Braking – pedestrian rear
› Enhanced functionality for Travel Assist, Side Assist and Front Assist
› Even more safety with Attention and Drowsiness Assist and Crew Protect Assist

Mladá Boleslav, 2 November 2023 – On the safety front, the fourth-generation Superb will offer enhanced intelligent assistance systems that are new to the model, such as Turn Assist and Emergency Steering Assist. Other systems that were already available in the predecessor – such as Travel Assist, Side Assist and Front Assist – have been significantly improved. In the event of an accident, Crew Protect Assist and up to ten airbags keep occupants safe. Thanks to rigorous testing and the latest technology, the all-new Superb will offer its occupants the best possible safety.

Intelligent new assistance systems make their Superb debut

The fourth-generation Superb features numerous new and intelligent assistance systems, some of which are available for the first time in this model series. These include Turn Assist, Crossroad Assist, Emergency Steering Assist and Exit Warning, with another system, Automated Emergency Braking – pedestrian rear, to be added in the near future. The latest-generation Turn Assist responds with a warning and, where appropriate, automatic braking if there is a vehicle approaching when turning in the face of oncoming traffic. Emergency Steering Assist automatically enhances steering movements during sudden evasive manoeuvres if the driver steers too late or not hard enough to prevent a collision. ESC intervenes automatically to prevent oversteer or understeer. Emergency Steering Assist operates at speeds of 30 to 150 km/h; it can be switched off in the infotainment menu but not permanently deactivated. Crossroad Assist uses radar sensors and the front camera to warn of crossing traffic, cyclists or pedestrians when pulling out of a driveway or blind exit. Where appropriate, it triggers visual and acoustic warnings and then automatically applies the brakes. Exit Warning provides a visual warning in the exterior mirror as well as a warning sound when the door is opened while traffic is approaching from behind. It has a range of 35 metres and covers an angle of 120 degrees.

Škoda Superb Combi

Škoda Superb Combi

Park comfortably and safely with Intelligent Park Assist

The new Intelligent Park Assist can automatically park the Superb in end-on and parallel parking spaces. It now also controls the vehicle’s speed in addition to the steering, and stops automatically if the system detects an obstacle. At the rear, this is taken care of by the new Automated Emergency Braking – pedestrian rear, coming in the near future. While the previous Manoeuvre Assist relied exclusively on the sensors at the rear to analyse the vehicle’s surroundings, the new system adds images from the improved Rear View Camera to better detect pedestrians and children.

Functional enhancements for Travel Assist, Side Assist and Front Assist

The Travel Assist has been improved once again and now offers enhanced visualisation of other nearby vehicles in the Virtual Cockpit. The Assisted Drive Basic package includes Adaptive Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Working in concert with the navigation system, this anticipates bends, junctions and roundabouts. Traffic Jam Assist combines the functions of Adaptive Cruise Control and Adaptive Lane Assist. It enables automatic starting, braking and steering in congested traffic at speeds of up to 60 km/h by keeping track of the movements of nearby vehicles. With the latest version of Side Assist, the detection range for vehicles coming from behind increases from 70 to 90 metres for more safety, for example on motorways. This is due to more powerful radar sensors positioned in the corners of the bumpers. Front Assist now also features anticipatory cyclist protection. The new Attention and Drowsiness Assist replaces the previous Driver Alert, monitoring driver behaviour and assessing the degree of possible driver fatigue. While Driver Alert mainly evaluated data from the electromechanical power steering, the Attention and Drowsiness Assist accesses information from various vehicle control systems, including the Lane Assist. The new system detects deviations from normal steering behaviour at speeds above 70 km/h. It continuously evaluates the driver’s behaviour and draws conclusions about their fitness to continue driving. If the system detects that the driver is tired, it triggers visual and acoustic warnings in the Virtual Cockpit.

Škoda Superb

Škoda Superb

Crew Protect Assist, Emergency Assist and up to ten airbags protect the occupants

If sensors in the all-new Superb detect emergency or panic braking or an imminent collision at the front, side or rear, Crew Protect Assist automatically closes any open windows and, if necessary, the panoramic roof. It also activates the hazard warning lights and tightens the front seat belts. In the event of an accident, up to ten airbags protect occupants in the Superb. In addition to driver and front passenger airbags and a driver’s knee airbag, the standard equipment includes side airbags for the front seats, head airbags and, for the first time in this model series, a central airbag between the front seats. Side airbags for the second row of seats are available as an option. Emergency Assist reduces the risk of an accident if the driver is no longer able to control the vehicle, for example due to a medical emergency. If the system detects such a situation, it takes over lane control, switches on the hazard warning lights and begins to gently brake the vehicle to a standstill. Then the latest-generation system automatically unlocks the doors, switches on the interior lights and activates eCall 15 seconds after the vehicle has come to a stop.


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