Interior: A generous amount of space thanks to sophisticated design

› High-quality materials create a more attractive ambience
› New decors create fresh visual accents
› Redesigned round instruments can be read more easily
› Wider range of practical Simply Clever features for more comfort

Thanks to new materials and features, the interior of the revised ŠKODA FABIA has become even more premium. In addition, new Simply Clever details further improve its utility. Despite a length of less than four metres, the ŠKODA FABIA offers space for five occupants and at least 330 litres of luggage. The ŠKODA FABIA offers one of the largest boots in its segment which makes it the prefect partner for everyday life and leisure.

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More style – new surfaces in the interior

The interior of the ŠKODA FABIA combines functionality and a premium ambience. New seat covers for the Ambition and Style trim levels as well as for the ŠKODA FABIA MONTE CARLO create fresh accents. Two-tone upholstery with suitable contrasting stitching on the doors’ armrests and on the optional centre armrest provides a dynamic overall impression. In the Style trim level, white or beige stitching on the doors’ armrests and on the centre armrest comes as an option; the seats come with a Suedia/fabric cover. Sport seats with decorative red contrasting stitching are also optional extras. New colours and decors shape the redesigned instrument panel; further customisation options are also available, including the Dynamic package (black sports seats with a Suedia/fabric cover and red stitching, multifunction sports steering wheel, pedals in alloy design, a sports chassis, a choice of two decorative trims for the dashboard, a black interior and door panels with red stitching on the armrests).

Decorative stitching


Detail view




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More comfort – easier operation for more convenience




Instrument cluster

You can download the complete video footage here.

ŠKODA has also updated the round instruments on the dashboard; the displays can now be read even more easily. Another feature which comes as standard for the Style trim level and the ŠKODA FABIA MONTE CARLO is the illumination of the centre console compartment; stored items are now easier to find when it is dark.

Operating the electric windows is also more convenient. After just one long press of the relevant button in the door panel, the corresponding side window automatically opens or closes – the button no longer has to be held down. From now on, this works for all electric windows. Previously, this function was only available for the driver’s window. It is also possible to open or close all of the electric windows at the same time by holding the lock or unlock button on the remote-control key.

More room – spacious thanks to clever design

Despite its compact dimensions of 3,997 mm in length and a wheelbase of 2,470 mm, the ŠKODA FABIA offers a generous amount of space for up to five people.



Adjustable luggage compartment

You can download the complete video footage here.

The hatchback version offers one of the largest boots in the small car segment. The capacity of 330 l can be increased to up to 1,150 l by folding down the 60:40 rear seats. The 4,262-millimetre-long ŠKODA FABIA COMBI offers the largest boot in its segment and has a loading capacity ranging from 530 to a maximum of 1,395 l.

More utility – new Simply Clever features

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In typical ŠKODA style, the updated ŠKODA FABIA also impresses with new Simply Clever features that make everyday life easier. One new feature is a double-sided boot liner: either its textured side or the other, easier-to-clean side can be used as needed. The ŠKODA FABIA also offers a tablet holder and two USB ports in the rear for charging smartphones or other devices. The ŠKODA FABIA COMBI now has a removable LED torch in the boot, which is automatically charged whilst driving. The torch is fitted with magnets. As a result, this can, for example, be fitted easily to the vehicle body.



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