VISION IN – a powerful design and crystalline elements

› Exterior characterised by a rugged appearance and elongated lines
› LED headlights and illuminated crystal on the grille and rear provide visual highlights
› Aluminium front spoiler and rear diffuser, and a bright orange metallic exterior colour

Mladá Boleslav / New Delhi, 3 February 2020 – Powerful, rugged and with a bright orange metallic finish: featuring an exuberant exterior design, the ŠKODA VISION IN is specifically tailored to suit the preferences of Indian customers. Crystalline elements in the LED headlights and tail lights, as well as the ŠKODA grille and the prominent light strip at the rear are a clear give-away that the car is a member of the ŠKODA SUV family. A wide bonnet, aluminium front spoiler and rear diffuser as well as matt anthracite side trims underline the rugged character of this mid-size SUV and make it appear larger.

For Indian customers, an exuberant, powerful and self-confident design is a hallmark of premium vehicles. Thanks to its rugged and stunning appearance, the use of partially illuminated crystalline elements and the bright orange metallic exterior colour, the ŠKODA VISION IN gives a striking first impression. What’s more, its elongated lines and large wheelbase make the 4,256-mm-long concept study appear bigger.


ŠKODA grille boasts illuminated crystal frame and slats

Featuring a distinctive front and large bonnet, the VISION IN’s ŠKODA SUV family resemblance is clear at first glance. The wide ŠKODA grille features striking double slats; both the frame and the slats are made of lead crystal, and their elegance is additionally enhanced by eye-catching LED illumination. The two-part LED headlights also exhibit crystalline structures. In the upper part, which reaches as far as the ŠKODA grille, stunning glass elements create the LED dipped beam, LED high beam and an L-shaped LED module for the daytime running lights and indicators. The LED fog lights are arranged below this. The upper section of the sculpted bumper has been given added depth, is body-coloured and incorporates a wide, crystalline, mesh-effect air inlet. The lower section consists of a rugged, aluminium front spoiler.

ŠKODA VISION IN - Infographics

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Straight roof line and powerful rear

The straight roof line with panoramic glass roof and buffed aluminium roof rails conveys a sporty appearance at first glance. A three-dimensional tornado line makes the vehicle look longer, while the powerful wheel arches make it appear brawny and self-assured on the road. This impression is reinforced by the car’s bold, sculptured plastic side trims in matt anthracite; 19-inch alloy wheels with polished surfaces create a manifold of light and shade effects. The side profile of the chrome-framed windows extends all the way to the D-pillar and, exhibiting a slanted rear window and ‘ŠKODA’ in block lettering, the rear is powerful and uncluttered. Razor-sharp, L-shaped LED tail lights together with horizontal reflectors form the ŠKODA-typical ‘C’ of the light cluster. A crystalline strip of light between the reflectors provides yet another visual touch, further splitting the rear into individual sections and lending it a more structured overall appearance; a rugged aluminium diffuser completes the lower section.

ŠKODA VISION IN - Infographics

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