ŠKODA VISION 7S: The right interior for every setting

› Spacious seven-seater conveys a feeling of safety and security
› Two interior configurations for different situations: Driving and Relaxing
› Natural Human Machine Interface provides ideal balance between tactile and digital controls and perfect ergonomics
› Child seat located in the safest place in the vehicle, in front of the second row of seats on the centre console
› Sustainable, durable materials used throughout the interior

Mladá Boleslav, 30 August 2022 – The VISION 7S represents a compelling further development of ŠKODA’s interior concept, combining a spacious, protective interior for up to seven passengers with a complete reconceptualization of the natural human-machine interaction (HMI). The highlights include two distinct interior configurations – Driving and Relaxing – and an ideal balance between haptic and digital controls. A sense of safety and protection is conveyed by the innovative child seat, which is mounted in front of the second row of seats on the centre console opposite to the direction of travel. All of this is surrounded by durable, sustainable materials and many new Simply Clever ideas. Rounding off the interior design is the unique X-shaped decorative stitching, which accentuates the SUV character.

The interior of the VISION 7S embraces its up to seven passengers with the spaciousness typical of a ŠKODA as well as a feeling of safety and protection. The interior is symmetrical, giving all passengers the same generous sense of space. The upper line of the instrument cluster continues into the door panels, completing the wrap‑around design and supporting the feeling of protection. In addition, the wide, horizontal dashboard extends to the doors, accentuating the airy and spacious interior.

Two interior configurations: Driving and Relaxing

The VISION 7S offers passengers two different interior configurations, with a rotating central touchscreen and sliding elements to create the perfect ambience for different situations – Driving and Relaxing. While driving, all the controls are in their ideal position within easy reach for the driver, and the central 14.6-inch touchscreen is oriented vertically for enhanced accessibility and information stacking. When charging or stopping, the Relax mode can be selected at the touch of a button in the centre console. The interior transforms in one elegant, synchronous movement; the steering wheel and instrument cluster slide backwards away from the driver and passengers to create additional space. The first-row seats rotate inwards and recline for extra comfort, also allowing the rear passengers to view the screen. The seats in the second row also recline. All passengers can then enjoy a more comfortable seating position and a better view of the screen, which rotates to a horizontal position to optimally display the entertainment content.

ŠKODA AUTO I Concept study VISION 7S

ŠKODA AUTO I Concept study VISION 7S

Natural HMI operation completely re-envisioned

For the VISION 7S, the ŠKODA Design team reconceptualised the car’s HMI from the ground up, emphasising the perfect harmony between the haptic (manual) and virtual (on-screen) controls. Everything was designed with the aim of simplifying the user experience. The control elements are intuitive, always enabling the driver to easily find and use the function they are looking for.

In Drive mode, the driver benefits from an advanced AR head-up system displaying the most important driving data and an 8.8-inch digital instrument display for extra information.

Infographic - Interior

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The steering wheel has been completely redesigned, with two solid spokes at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions. The new ŠKODA wordmark is positioned centrally. The steering wheel rim is flattened at the top and bottom, making the 8.8-inch digital instrument display easy to see. There are dedicated haptic scroll wheels for the most important functions during driving, highlighted by Flashy Orange accents for quick orientation. In Relax mode, the driver can control more sophisticated functions through the integrated touchpad on the lower spoke.

ŠKODA AUTO I Concept study VISION 7S

The centre of the interior is dominated by the large, rotating 14.6-inch screen, the largest ever installed in a ŠKODA car. In Drive mode the display is oriented vertically, allowing for information to be perfectly stacked; the upper area of the screen, for example, is dedicated to important visual content such as the map and navigation guidance, while the lower area is easy to reach and control. It is supported by an ergonomically placed hand rest atop the centre console. The user can adjust the amount of information simply by swiping up or down. In addition, the menu widget can be used to scroll through various functions. For instance, the baby camera image can be placed anywhere in the user-defined area. The remaining area could be used in high resolution for the maps, for example. In Relax mode, in particular with the screen oriented horizontally, user-installed apps can be used for watching films or gaming. Given the longer distance to the screen when the seats are reclined, the infotainment system can also be operated by smartphone.

ŠKODA AUTO I Concept study VISION 7S

ŠKODA AUTO I Concept study VISION 7S

Three rotary controls for easy usability

The redesigned centre console features six additional buttons that give the driver direct access to the infotainment, phone, vehicle settings, navigation and app menus; the sixth button can be user-assigned. Below are three large rotary controls; the two outer dials are dedicated to climate control, while the middle one controls the screen content. It can be used to zoom in and out on the map and scroll through lists. Beneath these are two buttons for switching between the Drive and Relax modes and a dedicated volume scroll wheel. Like the steering wheel controls, the buttons and dials feature accents in Flashy Orange to aid orientation.

ŠKODA AUTO I Concept study VISION 7S

ŠKODA AUTO I Concept study VISION 7S

Smartphones can be placed in the centre console. These are the main sources of information and customisation for the entire system and can be used as a remote trackpad. They are held in place by magnets and partially covered by the central armrest for protection. In this position, the armrest can be used to support the arm for perfect ergonomics in conjunction with the hand support under the screen.

Passengers in the second and third row can magnetically attach their devices to the seat backrests in front of them for optimal viewing. Interactive surfaces with coloured lights shining through the fabric are integrated into the door panels; a bright light in Flashy Orange, for example, points to the door openers hidden in the lower part of the panel, while a blue or red light visualises air‑conditioning temperature changes. You can also write on the fabric with your finger – to leave short notes or for children to create little drawings.

Maximum protection: Child seat in the safest position in the vehicle

The position of the child seat is also innovative and mounted in the safest place in the vehicle. It is integrated into the centre console, which extends to the second row of seats, opposite to the direction of travel. This means the child is optimally protected, and the passengers in the second row can always keep an eye on him or her. An optional interior camera in the rear roof area can also transmit a video of the child to the central infotainment display. This makes it possible for the driver and front passenger to see the little ones on board at all times.

More Simply Clever features

The VISION 7S introduces a new series of Simply Clever features ŠKODA is famous for. The air vents on the dashboard work in a discreet, diffuse mode until more direct ventilation is needed; at the touch of a button, they slide upwards to provide a direct stream of air. Passengers will also find magnetic surfaces under the floating centre console, where metal ŠKODA drinks bottles or a first-aid kit can be securely attached. The VISION 7S also includes practical backpacks that are magnetically attached to the seat backrests and can be taken with the family on days out. A large panoramic glass roof floods the interior of the VISION 7S with light. In front of the central screen on the instrument cluster is a large crystal that indicates the battery and charging status of the VISION 7S using different colours. This can be seen easily from outside the car.

Sustainable materials and ambient lighting

The entire interior is trimmed in a mix of sustainable, durable materials. The upper part of the dashboard and doors are finished in a dark artificial leather and bordered by indirect ambient lighting that emphasises the protective wrap-around design. The lower parts, like the dashboard and the door armrests, are trimmed in a lighter artificial leather that echoes the exterior colour Explorer Green and is accentuated by direct ambient lighting. In the area where the B-pillar would be and the counter-hinged doors meet, the lower part of the door trim is drawn upwards at an angle, culminating in a crystal on both the front and rear doors. These crystals illuminate the entry into the vehicle with a running white light, for example, or warn of an oncoming vehicle or cyclist with a red light when the door is open. The central zone of the door panels is upholstered in a black fabric made from recycled polyester yarns. Recycled fabric is also used for the inner areas of the seats and on the dash. Rounding off the interior design is the unique X-shaped decorative stitching, which accentuates the SUV character.

This is the first time ŠKODA has replaced the traditional chrome accents with a unique matt paint. All functional elements, including the controls, seatbelts and first-aid kit, are highlighted in the eye catching Flashy Orange colour.

The floor and boot, which are made entirely of recycled-tyre veneer, also follow the VISION 7S’ sustainable ethos. This special material is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, underlining the car’s suitability for exploring the great outdoors as well as its practicality and family friendliness.

ŠKODA AUTO I Concept study VISION 7S


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