Exterior: Powerful appearance and first elements of the new Modern Solid design language

› More space: the Kodiaq has grown by more than six centimetres, offering more space for up to seven passengers and plenty of luggage
› More distinctive lights: second-generation LED Matrix beam headlights, front grille with horizontal light strip and interconnected LED rear lights with animated indicators
› Rugged appearance: revised squared-off wheel arches, massive radiator grille, solid rear bumper and Unique Dark Chrome accents

Mladá Boleslav, 8 April 2024 – With the second-generation Kodiaq, Škoda has further refined the SUV’s robust and sculptural design, giving it a more rugged appearance. In addition to the squared-off wheel arches, the new brand logo on the bonnet and tailgate lettering conforming to the new Škoda CI immediately catch the eye. The vehicle’s solid look is further enhanced by the new Unique Dark Chrome finish. The LED Matrix beam headlights and front grille with horizontal light strip and the interconnected LED rear lights with animated indicators are making their debut on the all new Kodiaq. With an increase in length of more than six centimetres, the Kodiaq now offers even more interior space for up to seven passengers and plenty of luggage. In addition, Škoda Auto has improved the model’s aerodynamics, achieving a cd value of 0.282. Major aerodynamic advances were achieved by introducing active cooling shutters and redesigning the front and rear bumpers.

"The all-new Kodiaq is both modern and dynamic, with a strikingly distinctive look. In line with the ‘form follows function’ principle, we have incorporated the first elements of our future Modern Solid design language. The design not only emphasises practicality but also enhances the aerodynamics with its flowing shape. Reinterpreting the essence of the Škoda SUV was a collaborative effort, and I am confident we have found the right ingredients to ensure the second generation’s success."

Oliver Stefani, Head of Škoda Design

Solid appearance, improved aerodynamics and great ease of use

The second-generation Kodiaq has a sculpted bonnet sporting a revised Škoda logo with a matt Unique Dark Chrome finish. It matches the distinctive frame of the hexagonal Škoda grille, which can be optionally illuminated with 14 light elements forming a light strip between the headlamps. Below the grille is a wide, continuous air intake with a honeycomb structure framed by the two cubist-inspired Air Curtains. The elongated roof line has been aerodynamically optimised and slopes gently towards the rear. The drag coefficient of the all-new Kodiaq has been reduced to cd = 0.282. Significant aerodynamic improvements were achieved through optimised air management for engine and brake cooling, aerodynamically contoured exterior mirrors, redesigned front and rear bumpers, aerodynamically optimised wheels, an extended roof spoiler with side finlets, and integrated longitudinal roof rails. The rear section is characterised by a large and wide tailgate. Along with the low loading sill, this makes for great ease of use. The lettering placed centrally on the tailgate is finished in the Unique Dark Chrome colour. Below the tailgate is a large, redesigned rear apron with a wide, integrated diffuser. As a new option, the complete D-pillar trim is available in Unique Dark Chrome.

Škoda Kodiaq | Infographic Aerodynamics

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Škoda Kodiaq

Škoda Kodiaq iV

Premiere for second-generation LED Matrix beam headlights, front grille with horizontal light strip and interconnected rear lights

Another highlight comes in the shape of the optional second-generation LED Matrix beam headlights. The new headlamps contain 50 per cent more light segments and offer more powerful light output than the first generation. Fitted as standard on the Sportline variant, with the option of a horizontal light strip on the front grille, they are a first for the Kodiaq. Two headlight modules arranged one above the other contain a Bi-LED module for the full beam and dipped beam and an inner Matrix beam module comprising 36 light segments. They create the typical four-eyed look of a Škoda SUV at night. Between the two vertically arranged “eyes”, a fine LED strip in the shape of a “Flying Arrow” serves as the daytime running light, parking light and indicator. A static corner light near the inside edge of the headlamp unit tapers towards the Škoda grille. The look of the LED Matrix beam headlights is also defined by Crystallinium. This crystalline element evoking coloured crystal glass brings a new splash of turquoise colour to the headlights. The basic version of the front headlights also uses LED technology exclusively, as do the standard LED rear lights. The optional LED rear lights with animated indicators (standard for Sportline) come with a red decorative strip with a crystalline structure that connects the two rear lamps together. The rear lamps are split into three sections, with a sharp design featuring crystalline elements. The new, wide C‑shaped light signature extends deep into the tailgate. The optional LED rear lights with animated indicators come with illuminated crystalline sections and additional side marker lights.

Škoda Kodiaq | Infographic Lights

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Škoda Kodiaq Sportline

Škoda Kodiaq

Large alloy wheels from 17 to 20 inches and nine exterior colours

The all-new Kodiaq is available in Selection and Sportline versions, as well as with various Design Selections, and rolls on large, for the most part aerodynamically optimised alloy wheels with diameters ranging from 17 to 20 inches. The basic version comes with 17-inch alloys in silver. Škoda offers nine colours for its large SUV: two solid colours and a total of seven metallic paint finishes, including the new statement colour Bronx Gold Metallic.


The dimensions of the all-new Škoda Kodiaq

  Kodiaq 5-seater Kodiaq 7-seater Kodiaq iV
Length [mm] 4,758
Width [mm] 1,864
Height [mm] 1,659
Wheelbase [mm] 2,791
Basic luggage capacity [litres] 910 845/340 745
Maximum luggage capacity [litres] 2,105 2,035 1,945
Loading sill height [mm] 759 757 759

Škoda Kodiaq

Škoda Kodiaq iV


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