Very high level of safety and new assistance systems

› Up to nine airbags and the proactive occupant protection system Crew Protect Assist provide a high level of passive safety
› A wealth of assistance systems from higher vehicle segments
› The first vehicle in its segment to come with LED headlights and tail lights as standard

Numerous passive safety systems and assistance systems that were previously only available in higher segments make the new ŠKODA SCALA one of the safest vehicles in the compact car segment. As a first in its segment, the SCALA is equipped with LED technology for the headlights and tail lights as standard, with a full-LED version available as an option.

Christian Strube, ŠKODA Board Member for Technical Development, said, “The new ŠKODA SCALA is one of the safest cars in its segment. Volkswagen Group’s incredibly flexible modular transverse matrix allows new assistance systems – which have so far only been available in higher vehicle segments – to be offered in the compact car segment, either for the first time or in enhanced variants. In addition, the ŠKODA SCALA also provides a high level of passive safety with up to nine airbags and proactive occupant protection system, Crew Protect Assist.”

In the event of an impending collision, the optional proactive occupant protection system Crew Protect Assist quickly and automatically closes any open windows and pre-tensions the front seat belts. Following an accident, Multi-Collision Brake prevents the vehicle from rolling any further in an uncontrolled manner.

Innovative LED technology for the headlights and tail lights

To make driving safer and provide better vision in the dark and in poor weather conditions, the ŠKODA SCALA is the first in its segment to come equipped with innovative LED technology for the dipped beam and daytime running lights as well as for the tail, brake and rear fog lights as standard. In the optional full-LED version of the headlights, a bi-LED module is used for the dipped and high beam; three additional LEDs are used for the cornering lights. The daytime running lights and indicators are provided by a narrow LED strip in the upper part of the headlight unit, and illuminated needle-like crystalline LED structures along the bottom of the unit catch the eye. The full-LED version of the tail lights also comprises the reversing light as well as – for the first time in a ŠKODA – dynamic indicators. The indicators are made up of individual LEDs. When the driver uses the indicator, these LEDs illuminate one after another, sweeping from the inside and towards the outside of the car. The dynamic indicator is very easy to see by other road users, even in poor weather conditions. It thereby provides an important contribution to increased road traffic safety.


You can download the complete video footage here.

Side Assist warns the driver of vehicles approaching from behind up to 70 m away

Thanks to two radar sensors at the rear of the car, the optional Side Assist detects vehicles approaching from behind and wanting to overtake or that are in the car’s blind spot. The driver is informed of this using an LED signal on the inside of the wing mirror housings (this way, the warning is even more noticeable for the driver). While the existing Blind Spot Detect has a range of up to 20 m, Side Assist can detect vehicles up to 70 m away and thus also effectively warns the driver of hazardous situations on motorways and dual carriageways. Rear Traffic Alert is an integral part of Side Assist. It warns the driver about objects moving behind the vehicle when reversing.

Lane Assist and Front Assist with City Emergency Brake as standard

Lane Assist and Front Assist with City Emergency Brake are included in the ŠKODA SCALA’s standard equipment. Using a camera, Lane Assist recognises lane markings and helps the driver to keep the car in lane. Front Assist, which includes the City Emergency Brake and Predictive Pedestrian Protection functions, monitors the area in front of the car while driving in the city, thereby helping to prevent accidents. The optional Driver Alert fatigue detection system emits a warning when it recognises that the driver’s concentration is waning. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is designed for use during long journeys on the motorway. At speeds of up to 210 km/h, it automatically adjusts the speed of the car based on the vehicles ahead and, in combination with a DSG, can even brake the car until it stops. Within three seconds of being stationary, ACC is also able to automatically make the car pull away again.

The optional rear-view camera and Park Assist, which automatically manoeuvres the SCALA into and out of parallel and bay parking spaces, lend the driver a hand when parking. The system comes equipped with Manoeuvre Assist – if the sensors detect a dangerous obstacle in front of or behind the car during parking, the car brakes automatically. Auto Light Assist is also available as an option. This uses a camera to detect oncoming traffic as well as vehicles travelling ahead of the SCALA and automatically dips the headlights.



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