Safety: Many new and enhanced safety and assistance systems

› Premiere for innovative assistance systems such as Turn Assist and Crossroad Assist
› Standard Front Assist now also comes with the Predictive Cyclist Protection feature
› Up to ten airbags, including a central airbag, ensure a high level of passive safety

Mladá Boleslav, 21 July 2023 – The new Škoda Superb has raised safety to a new level. It comes with numerous new or enhanced assistance systems. Turn Assist and Crossroad Assist make their debut in the Superb. In addition to the familiar Predictive Pedestrian Protection feature, the standard Front Assist now also detects cyclists. Up to ten airbags, including a central airbag, ensure a high level of passive safety.

New and enhanced assistance systems
The fourth-generation Superb offers a comprehensively improved Emergency Assist feature while Turn Assist is a first for this model series. It warns of potential collisions with oncoming vehicles when turning into side streets and automatically applies the brakes. Another new feature is Crossroad Assist. This uses radar sensors in the front bumper to detect cross-traffic at intersections where visibility may be impaired and issues an acoustic alert along with a visual warning in the central display. The Front Assist system has been updated as well; in addition to pedestrian protection, it now also looks out for cyclists, thanks to the Predictive Cyclist Protection feature. The new Top View uses four cameras for 360-degree monitoring of the vehicle’s surroundings, now with improved image resolution.

The all-new Škoda Superb

The all-new Škoda Superb

Up to ten airbags ensure a high level of passive safety
In terms of passive safety, the Superb now offers a total of ten airbags: the airbags for the driver and front passenger, the front side and head airbags and the driver’s knee airbag as well as a central airbag between the front seats included as standard to prevent the front passengers from colliding with each other in the event of an accident. Two side airbags for the outer rear seats are optionally available.

The all-new Škoda Superb

The all-new Škoda Superb


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