Childishly simple part 2: the ŠKODA driver assistance systems

› Next episode in the popular video series: children explain the functions of ŠKODA driver assistance systems
› This time, the little experts clarify how Pull Away Assist, Parking Assistant and Congestion Assistant support ŠKODA drivers
› State-of-the-art technologies for safety and comfort are charmingly explained: the clever ŠKODA helpers step in at the push of a button

Mladá Boleslav, 26 June 2017 – ŠKODA presents two new videos in the ‘childishly simple’ series, in which children entertainingly and imaginatively demonstrate how the ŠKODA assistance systems support drivers: Not with technical descriptions, but in “real” traffic situations with shopping trolleys. It is clear here as well that as soon as the ŠKODA assistants come into play, they increase safety and comfort – just like in the real driving experience.

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