Entering into a new market segment: market launch of the ŠKODA Snowman

› Snow groomer with distinctive design and plug-in hybrid drive
› Outstanding off-road qualities, innovative operating concept
› ŠKODA Snowman will be launched in December 2016

Mladá Boleslav, 1 April 2016 – As part of its growth strategy, ŠKODA is entering into a new business segment. By launching the ŠKODA Snowman, the brand intends on bringing its first snow groomer to the market at the end of 2016. With the modern, distinctive and emotive design, the long-established Czech company is focusing on the highly competitive piste preparation equipment segment. Using powerful plug-in hybrid drive, innovative assistance systems and numerous new ‘Simply Clever’ features, ŠKODA is now bringing innovative automotive technology to the piste.

There has been some speculation regarding Snowman as the name for the new ŠKODA SUV for a long time. ŠKODA is now revealing the secret: the ŠKODA Snowman is a spectacular newcomer for high-alpine terrain with outstanding off-road qualities, especially in winter. With this vehicle concept, ŠKODA will exceed the functionality and all-terrain capability of all known SUV concepts. In addition, the Snowman is equipped with technology that will open up completely new possibilities for piste preparation equipment. For Alpine regions, where environmental conservation is of particular importance, the plug-in hybrid drive finally provides the necessary relief. At the same time, operators’ tough working conditions are made easier thanks to an innovative operating and display concept. The Snowman is an essential part of ŠKODA’s 2025 corporate strategy and signifies a bold step into new business segments. In the 25 years since Volkswagen’s acquisition of the long-established Czech brand, ŠKODA has consistently expanded its model range. With the Snowman, ŠKODA is now entering into completely new business and customer segments. Of course, ŠKODA’s great values, such as above-average space, functionality and excellent value for money, have been key for the development.

The ŠKODA Snowman is 9.13 metres long (with snowplough and snowblower) and 2.50 metres wide without tracks (5.26 m with snowplough). The brand brings powerful emotional qualities to the piste with its expressive design language. The design is aesthetic and functional at the same time; visually, the lines create extraordinary width. Sharp lines surround sculpturally carved-out surfaces – many of the exterior features pay homage to traditional Czech crystal glass art. Crystalline elements characterise the brand logo, the vertical struts in the trapeze-shaped grille and the four narrow, wedge-shaped headlights.

The ŠKODA Snowman is the first ŠKODA production model with plug-in hybrid drive. It has a power output of 295 kW (400 PS), torque of 650 Nm. Downhill, the highly efficient drive recuperates energy and feeds it to the lithium-ion battery. The power is transferred to the two caterpillar tracks via a transfer case. The ŠKODA Snowman has a top speed of 20 km/h, can climb gradients of up to 100 per cent and can also turn on its own axis. The average fuel consumption is approximately 14 litres per hour.

ŠKODA is even adopting a new approach with regards to the operating and display concept. The steering wheel is shaped like a control stick, which the driver uses to control all functions. The connectivity concept is also purely high-tech: the ŠKODA Snowman is wirelessly connected to the mountain station.

The generously sized glass cabin offers space for up to three people, the air-suspended driver’s seat can be heated. The ‘Simply Clever’ features typical for ŠKODA include a magnetic snow shovel holder, a heated cup holder for a Thermos flask and a multi-function box for snow boots and avalanche transceiver. A climate-controlled storage compartment for keeping sunglasses fog-free and for drying hats and gloves is available as an optional extra. The ashtray features an automatic fire extinguishing system that uses snow from the surrounding air.

The ŠKODA Snowman will be launched in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and other important European markets in December 2016. The starting price is 280,000 euros.

160401 Entering into a new market segment – market launch of the ŠKODA Snowman

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