New era for ŠKODA in China – Chinese premiere of new ŠKODA Superb at the Volkswagen Group Night in Shanghai

› Debut: ŠKODA presents new flagship in China
› Best ŠKODA of all time: the new ŠKODA Superb demonstrates the brand’s evolution in design, comfort and technology
› Character: expressive, modern, emotive – the new ŠKODA Superb has revolutionized ŠKODA’s design
› Upgrade: more space and comfort – room - giant in the extra class
› Target: ŠKODA plans to increase sales in China to over 500,000 cars annually
› Dynamic: ŠKODA sales increase 15.6% in the first quarter in China
› Success: more than 1.4 million ŠKODAs sold on the Chinese market since 2007

Mladá Boleslav/Shanghai, 19 April 2015 – A new era is dawning for ŠKODA in China with the new ŠKODA Superb. ŠKODA’s new flagship celebrated its premiere in China today at the Volkswagen Group Night on the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show. As promised a year ago with the ŠKODA VisionC show car, the new ŠKODA Superb has revolutionized ŠKODA’s design language and achieved a whole new dimension in terms of comfort and technology. This shows that the Czech manufacturer’s new top model has what it takes to conquer its segment. At the same time the brand’s traditional values and qualities have been strengthened. As the best ŠKODA of all time, the new Superb represents the climax of ŠKODA’s largest-ever model campaign.

“Eight years after entering the region, ŠKODA is well established on the Chinese market, and now offers a comprehensive range of six models to Chinese customers,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “The new Superb heralds the dawn of a new era for ŠKODA in China. This fantastic vehicle is a clear demonstration that our vehicles are taking on a completely new meaning in terms of design, modern technology, value and emotional appeal in our strongest individual market – China. The new ŠKODA Superb is an excellent means to meet the growing demands on our brand to offer the best cars that demonstrate the ŠKODA’s values, tradition and future orientation, and increase our desirability at the same time. The new Superb surpasses everything ŠKODA has ever produced, and points to the future of the brand.”

Today, the ŠKODA model range testifies to the brand’s high standards in technology, design and functionality. This combination is drawing many new customers to the brand in China: In 2014, deliveries rose 24% in China to a new sales record of 281,400 vehicles. The manufacturer is now going one decisive step further with the new ŠKODA Superb. The new model will enhance the perception of the brand in China in the direction of more dynamic, modern and emotive designs. In addition to the expressive design language and the confident appearance, the new ŠKODA Superb offers unique qualities in terms of comfort and driving experience. At the same time, this model features ŠKODA’s classic functional strengths. The stronger emotional appeal of the model range and enhancement of the brand will accelerate ŠKODA’s growth in China, where, over the coming years, the manufacturer plans to increase its sales to over half a million vehicles annually.

The new ŠKODA Superb is building on the exclusive and extraordinarily magnificent ŠKODA cars of the 1930s and 1940s. “Our brand’s great tradition is a huge commitment for us,” says Vahland. “This dates back to our founding fathers, Laurin and Klement, who worked according to the conviction that ‘only the best is good enough for our customers.’ The new Superb makes this statement relevant to our time. The vehicle serves as an indication as to where our brand stands today, and clearly shows that we are making advancements.”

Dynamic and elegant design revolution

The new ŠKODA Superb’s expressive design is a statement of perfection and emphasizes the emotional power of the brand. ŠKODA cars have always been great value for money with high functionality and reliability. With the new Superb, ŠKODA is combining these qualities with modern and expressive designs. ŠKODA’s new design language is confident, dynamically elegant and balanced. The new ŠKODA Superb is bringing the exciting design language first seen in the ‘ŠKODA VisionC’ show car to series production.

The new ŠKODA Superb is a racy saloon full of class and passion. Its appearance is powerful, confident and emotive. The wheelbase has increased by 80 mm, at the same time the front overhang has been shortened by 61 mm. This new architecture gives the vehicle elegance and dynamism. From the front to the rear, from the large wheels to the gently sloping roofline, the new model features clear geometry, distinctive contoured surfaces, sculptured shapes, purist precision and elegant lines. The crystalline elements, a tribute to Czech glasswork, can be seen in the finest detail, such as in the red thread – a recurring theme running from the interior to the interior. At the same time, the new Superb is presented with improved functional virtues and even more space: form and function combined in perfect unity.

The completely re-interpreted, high-quality interior continues the fundamental design elements from the exterior. This includes an emphasis on horizontal lines that make the already very roomy interior appear yet more spacious and airy. Clean lines, precise workmanship and the application of new, high-quality materials give the interior a new valence.

Upgrade – space and comfort on a completely new level

The ŠKODA Superb sets standards in terms of space and comfort. The model has been in a league of its own since its introduction in China. Compared to the generous dimensions of the current Superb, the relevant interior measurements of the new generation model have increased once again. In addition, the new ŠKODA flagship meets even the highest demands with other new comfort solutions.

“Comfortable throughout – that was our goal in developing the new Superb,” says ŠKODA Development Director, Dr. Frank Welsch. “The result meets the standards of higher classes, offering more space than the predecessor, and at the same time, provides an ambient atmosphere where passengers feel at home.”

The refinements to the interior mainly result from the improved package for the new ŠKODA Superb. The technical advantages of the modular transverse matrix (MQB) have enabled the extension of the wheelbase by an amazing 80 mm to 2841 mm. The track is wider, 1584 mm at the front and 1572 mm at the rear. These improvements benefit the amount of room available in both the interior and the boot.

The driver and front passenger enjoy plenty of room. The elbow width in the front of the new ŠKODA Superb has increased 39 mm to 1507 mm. The headroom for the driver and front passenger has increased slightly by 3 mm to 991 mm – also a top value.

It is not only the front where passengers will experience a great amount of space; people travelling in the backseat of the latest generation ŠKODA Superb will have even more room than in the predecessor model. Those travelling in the backseat will have a veritable mansion of space exceeding the standard for the class. Moreover, the legroom is absolutely ‘superb’: 157 mm in the rear of the vehicle. The headroom in the backseat is also a benchmark in the segment, which has increased 25 mm to 980 mm. At the same time the elbow width has increased 69 mm to 1520 mm. This means that three adults can easily sit in the backseat very comfortably.

ŠKODA Superb is one of the most popular mid-class cars

The ŠKODA Superb has been at the forefront of ŠKODA’s model range since 2001. To date, the carmaker has delivered more than 700,000 first- and second-generation ŠKODA Superbs around the world. This makes the model one of the most popular vehicles in the automotive mid-class. The ŠKODA Superb has been available on the Chinese market since 2002, generating sales of more than 214.000 of their flagship.

ŠKODA’s success in China

China has been ŠKODA’s largest individual market since 2010. In 2014, the manufacturer’s deliveries on the Chinese market increased 24% to a new record level of 281,400 vehicles. This represents around a quarter of ŠKODA’s total sales last year. In the current year, the signs point to continued growth: By the end of March, ŠKODA’s sales in China had increased 15.6%.

ŠKODA entered the Chinese market in 2007. Since then, around 1.4 million Chinese customers have opted for a ŠKODA. As part of the manufacturer’s activities in China, the company has built up a close partnership with Shanghai Volkswagen.

150419 Chinese premiere of new ŠKODA Superb at Volkswagen Group Night in Shanghai

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