New IT hub in the Czech Republic: Škoda Auto and Volkswagen
Group Technology Solutions India (VWITS) strengthen strategic partnership

› The joint initiative between Škoda Auto and Volkswagen Group Technology Solutions India (VWITS) focuses on advancing the app portfolio, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and technology services
› The main objective is to connect experts across both organisations, intensify international collaboration and strengthen in-house IT expertise
› Located in Prague, the new office will facilitate talent exchanges

Mladá Boleslav, 28 March 2024 – Volkswagen Group Technology Solutions India (VWITS) is opening a regional office in Prague in cooperation with Škoda Auto. The new facility will strengthen collaboration and create new links with specialists in India, where VWITS operates one of its largest global IT centres. The strategic partnership and further development of in-house expertise underline Škoda Auto’s efforts towards advancing digitalisation, a cornerstone of the Next Level – Škoda Strategy 2030.

“Digitalisation and the development of software solutions are the key to success during the automotive industry’s ongoing transformation. With the launch of the new IT hub and the additional renowned experts from VWITS, we are engaging the best professionals in the field, both from the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries to join our mission: to continuously improve our range of digital services – inside and outside the car. This is crucial to further improve the customer journey as well as our in-house processes. Škoda Auto aims to consistently strengthen its role as a leading player in the field of IT in the Czech Republic. I am looking forward to the first results of our joint team’s efforts.”

Holger Peters, Škoda Auto Board Member for Finance, IT, and Legal Affairs

“Together, Škoda Auto and VWITS are building a bridge that connects topics, skills, experts, and – of course – cultures. As a result, the Volkswagen Group and its Global IT are moving even closer together. This is an important step in times when global synergies are more important than ever. Through this close cooperation, we are able to build and preserve internal expertise within the Volkswagen Group, reduce dependence on external suppliers in business-critical tasks, and ultimately save costs in IT operations and services.”

Hauke Stars, Volkswagen Group Board Member for IT

Bridging the Czech Republic and India
The launch of the new IT hub connects local experts and Group professionals and serves as a bridge between the Czech Republic and India. The Volkswagen Group, through its subsidiary VWITS, operates one of its largest global IT centres in the South Asian country and employs over 2,600 computing specialists. India is an important market for Škoda Auto, where the company takes the operational and strategic lead for the Volkswagen Group and its brands. This role underscores India’s significance in the Czech carmaker’s internationalisation strategy.

In 2018, Škoda Auto expanded the largest corporate data centre in the Czech Republic with a projected computing capacity of 15 petaFLOPS. Moreover, the car manufacturer increasingly uses virtual reality, artificial intelligence and cloud services. Advanced IT solutions are applied in developing and testing new vehicles, advanced manufacturing equipment and Industry 4.0 technologies, as well as the development and management of data within the onboard software and hardware of its models. These and other services and solutions will also benefit from the strategic partnership.

Further strengthening in-house IT expertise at Škoda Auto
The new VWITS regional office will initially offer positions for 30 experts. They will be collaborating with their colleagues in India to support Škoda Auto’s diverse IT portfolio. The primary focus of the new workspace will be cooperation with local software providers, for example in logistics, production, and car sales. This in turn will enhance in-house IT expertise and intensify international collaboration and talent exchange between the two countries. It will also enable long-term internships for international candidates.
Located in Vysočany, Prague, the new IT hub will be situated alongside Škoda Auto IT departments focusing on developing advanced technology solutions, data analysis and artificial intelligence. The building also hosts the SAP competence centre for Volkswagen Group companies operated by Škoda Auto as well as the non-profit educational institute 42 Prague, where future software developers receive innovative training for a career in IT.
Škoda Auto is constantly seeking and creating opportunities for developing IT solutions. For example, it recently hosted the BeeGreen hackathon for seven teams comprising 60 international IT experts. The two-day programming marathon offered IT companies a unique platform to showcase their expertise and generate innovative ideas around sustainability.

About Volkswagen Group Technology Solutions India (VWITS)
VWITS serves as a global technology hub for the Volkswagen Group, where a diverse and skilled team collaborates to drive innovation and explore new possibilities in the area of technology. With over 2,600 dedicated professionals, the team is committed to the core values of Customer Obsession, Extreme Ownership, Curiosity and Technology Leadership. Together, they develop valuable technology solutions for the VW Group.

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