POWERPASS: ŠKODA reports positive results after first year
and establishes new tariff structure

› Three different tariffs with a standardised price structure
› POWERPASS grants access to more than 310,000 charging points in most European countries
› Largest fast-charging network in Europe: POWERPASS users have access to 10,000 fast-charging stations at over 3,000 locations

Mladá Boleslav, 28 April 2022 – POWERPASS enables ŠKODA customers to use a public European charging network, which already boasts more than 310,000 charging points. This also includes around 10,000 fast‑charging points at over 3,000 locations, available to owners of the all-electric ENYAQ iV family at three different tariffs. Most of these charging points are part of the IONITY network, which ŠKODA AUTO and the Volkswagen Group are continuously expanding. One year after its launch, the Czech car manufacturer reports promising results: one in three ENYAQ iVs is already being charged conveniently and easily via POWERPASS using a single smartphone app or RFID card. The following analogy is a testament to the POWERPASS’ success: ŠKODA customers have so far charged enough energy to drive an ENYAQ iV around the world 570 times.

A year ago, ŠKODA launched its first all-electric SUV, the ENYAQ iV, and since then has also offered the POWERPASS to its customers. This makes charging a ŠKODA ENYAQ iV convenient and straightforward in most European countries, using a single smartphone app or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card. There are already more than 310,000 public charging points in service. These also include the public fast-charging points in the Europe-wide IONITY charging network as well as many other charging points from other operators. With around 10,000 fast‑charging points at more than 3,000 locations, the POWERPASS provides access to the largest fast‑charging network in Europe.

Across Europe, one in three ENYAQ iV drivers already charges their vehicle with POWERPASS. The total energy charged in the first year alone would be enough to circumnavigate the globe 570 times in a ŠKODA ENYAQ iV. Around half of all charging processes were made in the IONITY network, which has outlets offering the maximum charging power of an ENYAQ iV – up to 135 kW. For example, the 82-kWh battery of an ENYAQ COUPÉ iV 80 can be charged from 10 to 80 per cent in just 29 minutes, saving a lot of time compared to using other public charging stations. The popularity of these fast-charging stations, which are mainly located on A-roads and motorways, highlights the frequent use of the ENYAQ iV on long-distance journeys.

The only requirement for using the POWERPASS is to register on one of three tariffs. The ‘Charge Free’ tariff bills customers for each kWh drawn from a charging station. ‘Simply Charge’ offers reduced kWh prices when charging at public AC and DC charging stations for a low monthly fee. The most popular tariff is ‘Charge Faster’, which, for a slightly higher monthly fee, also reduces the cost of using the IONITY network as well as offering even lower AC and DC prices. Every POWERPASS user can charge their vehicle throughout Europe at transparent and standardised prices. The POWERPASS manages all charging processes centrally and lists them in the monthly invoice alongside the costs.

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