Racy motor yacht 'ŠKODA VisionSea' ŠKODA takes to the water

› Premiere: ŠKODA presents their first motor yacht
› Wow-factor: ‘ŠKODA VisionSea’ sets the pulse racing
› Spectacular design; Elements from the ‘ŠKODA VisionC’ coupé study
› Simply Clever: Foldable water-ski hooks, lifejacket holders and more
› Powerful and efficient: First ŠKODA hybrid engine
› Growth Strategy: ŠKODA enters new, dynamic business sector

Mladá Boleslav, 01 April 2015 – Under their growth strategy, the Czech car manufacturer, ŠKODA, has entered a new business sector. With the ‘ŠKODA VisionSea’, the brand presents their first thoroughbred motor yacht. The spectacular water sport racer designed in Mladá Boleslav is sure to make the hearts of recreational boating fans beat faster!

The ‘ŠKODA VisionSea’ is taking ŠKODA’s passion to the water. The ŠKODA design team has created a razor-sharp, 10-metre-long water bullet, setting new standards in the speedboat segment with its expressively dynamic form, precision and appearance. The green-lacquered yacht has borrowed several design elements from the ‘ŠKODA VisionC’ coupé study, such as the line of the cabin windows rising gently towards the rear. The exciting light and shadow contrasts from the side view draws together the razor-sharp waistline. All the surfaces culminate in three-dimensional sculptures, giving the boat its independent and powerful character. The striking tapered bow is somewhat reminiscent of a shark. The inward embossing in the stern also sets accents particularly pleasing on the eye. The first media reports have been extremely positive, calling thde innovation a ‘radical interpretation of the ŠKODA VisionC study’.

The characteristics that have made ŠKODA cars so popular have also been incorporated into their most recent business venture – the power yacht combines high functionality with an array of ‘Simply Clever’ solutions. The ‘ŠKODA VisionSea’ offers the most legroom in its class and storage options en masse. The lifejackets are stored in practical lifejacket holders under the seats. Standard on-board equipment includes, among other things, a height-adjustable leather steering wheel, two stainless steel bottle holders for 1.5-litre bottles, and an extra storage pocket for your tablet device. The pivotal water-ski hooks are also outrageously practical. From the bridge, the hooks can be released, extended and retracted again at the touch of a button. This means that nothing will slide around come high speeds or waves – and to make doubly sure, you will also have special cargo elements and anti-slip mats at your disposal.  The specially designed sun visor coupled with an anti-dust chamois ensures that you will always have a clear view.

The Czech manufacturer has left nothing to be desired from the engines, propelling the ‘ŠKODA VisionSea’ to the top of its class. The sporty motor yacht is equipped with the latest engine technology on board, and is ŠKODA’s first model an ultra-modern hybrid drive. Ensuring your unlimited sailing pleasure, the 132 kW / 180 hp turbo petrol direct injection and an e-motor with an output of 198 kW / 270 hp. These two engines set the standard in terms of weight, smooth operation and acceleration and form both a sustainable and dynamic drive unit along with the 6-speed dual-clutch transmission (DSG) specially developed for hybrid models. The ‘ŠKODA VisionSea’ can sail up to 50 nautical miles on the electric motor alone, and the total distance the innovative water sports racer can travel is around 980 nautical miles on both engines combined.

150401 Racy motor yacht ‘ŠKODA VisionSea’ – ŠKODA takes to the water

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