ŠKODA 2014: Record-breaking sales and financial results

› Milestone: ŠKODA sold in 2014 more than 1 million cars for the first time in one year: 1,037,200 vehicles (2013: 920,800; up 12.7%)
› Sales revenue: a new record set at 11.8 billion euros (up 13.9%)
› Operating profit: 817 million euros (up 56.5%)
› Strongest individual market China: Record with 281,400 deliveries
› Strong start to the year: 163,000 deliveries by the end of February 2015
› New era: ŠKODA Superb marks the climax in the current model campaign

Mladá Boleslav, 16 March 2015 – ŠKODA remains in the fast lane. In 2014 the manufacturer delivered more than one million cars to customers worldwide for the first time in their 120-year history. Deliveries increased 12.7% to 1,037,200 vehicles (2013: 920,800). ŠKODA’s global market share rose to 1.4% (2013: 1.3%). ŠKODA also achieved record financial results, with sales revenue increasing 13.9% to 11.8 billion euros (2013: 10.3 billion euros), and operating profit increasing 56.5% to 817 million euros (2013: 522 million euros). ŠKODA plans to expand with new models in 2015. The new highlight of ŠKODA’s model campaign is the new ŠKODA Superb. The model heralds the dawn of a new era for ŠKODA with its distinctive design and MQB technology.

“2014 was another good year for ŠKODA,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “By delivering more than one million vehicles for the first time in a single year, we have sustainably established ourselves as a volume manufacturer on the international markets with our modern model range. It is on this basis that our brand will be perusing our growth strategy.” ŠKODA plans to continue this success and increase sales in 2015 despite the globally challenging market environment.

In 2014 ŠKODA also set new records for the company in terms of sales revenue and profit. Sales revenue increased 13.9% to 11.8 billion euros (2013: 10.3 billion euros). Operating profit rose 56.5% to 817 million euros (2013: 522 million euros), representing 7.0% of the sales revenue (2013: 5.1%). “ŠKODA is growing profitably. Given the challenging situation on the markets and the ongoing intense competition, cost discipline continues to have the highest priority,” says ŠKODA CFO Winfried Krause. Net liquidity rose 40.3% to 2.065 billion euros in 2014 after 1.472 billion euros in 2013. Investments amounted to 698 million euros in 2014 (2013: 741 million euros). Profit before tax reached 775 million euros (2013: 536 million euros), and profit after tax in 2014 totalled 665 million euros (2013: 455 million euros).

In 2014 ŠKODA delivered a record-breaking 1,037,200 vehicles to customers; that is an increase of 116,500 vehicles or 12.7% compared to 2013 (920,800 vehicles delivered).

Starting 2015, ŠKODA made a seamless continuation from the success of the previous year. By the end of February, 2015, ŠKODA’s global sales had risen 7.9% to 163,000 vehicles compared to the same period in 2014. This is a new record for the first two months of a year.

For ŠKODA, 2014 was once again a year characterized by the most comprehensive ŠKODA model campaign of all time. With the new ŠKODA Fabia being launched on the market, the brand continues to offer very competitive models in the small car segment.

The climax of ŠKODA’s model campaign this year has been the new ŠKODA Superb. Its dimensions and spaciousness move the Superb to the upper end of the automotive mid-class. In addition to the qualities that have made ŠKODA popular, such as functionality, space and value for money, the Superb now sets standards in terms of design and technology, and marks the dawn of a new era for ŠKODA. The new ŠKODA flagship celebrated its world premiere this February in Prague, and is due to be launched on the market in early summer, 2015.

Over the next few months, ŠKODA will be releasing even more product highlights including the new ŠKODA Octavia RS 230, the new ŠKODA Fabia Monte Carlo and the fantastic special ‘Edition’ model for ŠKODA’s Fabia, Rapid, Octavia and Yeti series.

ŠKODA plans to increase their global sales to at least 1.5 million vehicles within the next few years. “After crossing the million mark, 1.5 million seems a whole lot closer,” says Prof. Vahland. To achieve their growth targets, the manufacturer is expanding the production plants both in the Czech Republic and at their sites around the world.
ŠKODA AUTO Group figures:

Units 2014 2013 % change
Deliveries to customers Thousand cars 1 037 921 +12.7
Deliveries without China Thousand cars 756 694 + 8.9
Production * Thousand cars 1 050 932 + 12.6
Production without China ** Thousand cars 748 651 + 15.0
Sales Thousand cars 796 719 + 10.8
Employed *** People 25.889 25.758 + 0.5
Sales revenue Million EUR 11.758 10.324 + 13.9
Operating profit Million EUR 817 522 + 56.5
Operating profit as % of sales % + 5.1 + 7.0
Profit before tax Million EUR 775 536 + 44.6
Profit after tax Million EUR 665 455 + 46.0
Investments (w/o capitalized development costs) Million EUR 698 741 – 5.8
Net liquidity Million EUR 2 065 1 472 + 40.3


* ŠKODA brand worldwide
** comprises ŠKODA AUTO Group Production of the ŠKODA brand, without production in China, Bratislava/Slovakia or Pune/India, but does include other Group brands, such as SEAT, Audi and VW
*** Number of employees without agency staff, but including trainees

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