Škoda Auto: New rooftop photovoltaic systems contribute to carbon-neutral production efforts

› Škoda Auto has installed more than 5,400 photovoltaic modules on its production and logistics buildings in Mladá Boleslav in cooperation with ČEZ ESCO and ŠKO-ENERGO
› Solar systems expected to generate over 2 GWh of emission-free electricity annually
› New photovoltaic installations mark another milestone in Škoda’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality at its Czech plants by the end of the decade

Mladá Boleslav, 31 October 2023 – Škoda Auto is paving the way for carbon-neutral production at its Czech plants by the end of the decade. In cooperation with ČEZ ESCO and ŠKO-ENERGO, the car manufacturer has commissioned three rooftop photovoltaic systems at its main plant in Mladá Boleslav and the Škoda Parts Center logistics hub. Covering an area of over 10,000 m², equivalent to more than 15 tennis courts, the new solar power plant is expected to generate more than 2 GWh of emission-free electricity annually with its more than 5,400 photovoltaic modules. This energy output could fully charge approximately 25,000 Enyaq 85 cars.

“At Škoda Auto, we are continuously evaluating and working to reduce our carbon footprint. As part of our Next Level – Škoda Strategy 2030, ‘Green Production’ is a central pillar of our roadmap through this decade of transformation and our ambitious sustainability efforts. Tackling this challenge holistically with our partners, we regard this power plant as crucial to achieving our ambitious yet attainable goal: to power vehicle and component production entirely using carbon-neutral energy at our Czech plants by 2030.”

Andreas Dick, Board Member of Škoda Auto for Production and Logistics

ČEZ Chairman of the Board, Daniel Beneš, comments, “At ČEZ, we are working diligently towards decarbonisation and ensuring the security of energy supplies. Our goal is to produce 6 GW from renewable sources by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality in energy production by 2040. As a leading energy company in the Czech Republic, we are committed to supporting both private and industrial customers in reducing their carbon footprint. The photovoltaic power plant at Škoda Auto aligns perfectly with these objectives.”

Managing Director of ŠKO-ENERGO, Tomáš Kubín, describes the ambitious scope of the new photovoltaic system at Škoda Auto’s main plant: “This project is designed to generate over 2 GWh of emission-free electricity annually and represents another major step towards producing carbon-neutral energy for Škoda Auto. The installation of 5,468 solar modules on the roofs of three halls was indeed a challenging endeavour. Completing another project with Škoda Auto and ČEZ, following our successful installation at the Service Center in Kosmonosy in 2019, reinforces our strong partnership.”

Expertise in renewable energy – collaboration with ČEZ ESCO and ŠKO-ENERGO
The first cooperation among Škoda Auto, ČEZ ESCO and energy supplier ŠKO-ENERGO on solar systems started in late 2019. The solar modules at the Škoda Auto Service Center in Kosmonosy are installed over an area of roughly 2,200 m² and generate more than 450 MWh annually, covering almost 17% of the Service Center’s energy needs.

In February 2021, Škoda Auto entered into an extended partnership with ŠKO-ENERGO and ČEZ ESCO with the goal of building a solar power plant comprising 5,468 cutting-edge photovoltaic modules in total: 3,020 panels on the Škoda Parts Center, 1,328 panels on the U6C hall and 1,120 panels on the M12L hall. These modules will provide a nominal output of 2,146 kilowatt-peak (kWp).

Škoda Auto’s solar success at the Aurangabad and Pune plants in India
Škoda Auto is advancing the production of sustainable energy across its plants internationally. In India, the photovoltaic system at the Aurangabad plant has been connected to the grid since 2018. Generating more than 1,440 MWh in the past year alone, it has cut the plant’s reliance on purchased energy by 40%.

A rooftop solar power plant at the Chakan plant in Pune was expanded in February 2023. With a peak performance of 18.5 MWp, it is now capable of producing up to 26,600 MWh of electricity annually, covering up to 30% of the site’s electricity consumption. The power plant effectively offsets over 28% of CO₂ emissions from the facility’s yearly vehicle production.

Škoda Auto’s commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality
In alignment with its Next Level – Škoda Strategy 2030, the car manufacturer has set specific targets for environmental protection through the areas of ‘GreenFactory’, ‘GreenProduct’ and ‘GreenRetail’. Among these, achieving CO₂-neutral production at its three factories in the Czech Republic by 2030 is a key target under the ‘Green Production’ pillar. The Vrchlabí plant reached this landmark back in 2020. The various measures adopted by the Czech automaker to rigorously reduce the ecological footprint of its business activities span the entire value chain.

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