ŠKODA AUTO statement on the current situation in Ukraine

Dear colleagues,

We are dismayed by the military attack on Ukraine and sincerely hope for the swift cessation of hostilities and a speedy return to diplomacy following international law.

We are very concerned for the people in Ukraine, especially the families of our more than 600 Ukrainian colleagues in the Czech Republic and the whole Eurocar team at the Solomonovo factory in Ukraine and the headquarters in Kyiv. Our sympathy goes out to them during these difficult days. At the same time, our thoughts are with our colleagues at Volkswagen Group Rus whose situation is also serious.

There is strength in unity. The Volkswagen Group and its brands will be donating one million euros to the UN Refugee Agency; ŠKODA AUTO is also contributing to this support. In addition, in close alignment with our social partner KOVO, we have decided on the following seven specific support measures, which are the first humanitarian steps we will be taking:

● ŠKODA AUTO will be donating 10 million Czech crowns (400,000 euro) to the Czech not-for-profit NGO ‘People in Need’ (Člověk v Tísni).

● The KOVO MB trade union will be supporting the town of Mladá Boleslav’s fundraiser with 1 million Czech crowns (40,000 euro). At the same time, the trade union will be rolling out other fundraising activities. Refugees will also be provided with accommodation at recreational facilities owned by The KOVO MB trade union and refugee children will be offered places at children’s camps. The KOVO KV and KOVO VR trade unions will be supporting local municipalities in Rychnov nad Kněžnou and Vrchlabí with other activities.

● If necessary, we will help any Ukrainian workers to build a safe life in the Czech Republic for their family. Specifically, we will assist with visa applications, accommodation, language courses, health care, integration, education and ideally, also employment.

● We are grateful that our partner towns of Mladá Boleslav, Rychnov nad Kněžnou and Vrchlabí are preparing for the arrival of Ukrainian refugees. To cover their additional costs, ŠKODA AUTO will now provide a financial contribution of 1 million Czech crowns (40,000 euro) for Mladá Boleslav and half a million Czech crowns (20,000 euro) each for Rychnov na Kněžnou and Vrchlabí.

● We would appreciate your contributions to the numerous material or financial donations made by our partner communities and private organisations. You can find more information here:

● The town of Mladá Boleslav is organising a fundraiser for the hospital in the Ukrainian twin town of Tiačiv. ŠKODA AUTO will be supporting this donation with one million Czech crowns (40,000 euros), The KOVO MB trade union will be adding a further one million Czech crowns (40,000 euros) to this.

● Our core business is mobility. We are therefore helping to transport donated items via ŠKODA Logistics and providing cars to Czech aid organisations to help them deliver the humanitarian aid.

Dear colleagues,
Human is one of our company’s brand values. Now it’s more important than ever to put this value into action. Join us in making a contribution and supporting those who need our help.

Many thanks.


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