ŠKODA starts global marketing campaign for new ŠKODA Superb: ‘Travel in style. Travel in space.’

› Emotive design as well as fantastic interior space and comfort features place the new ŠKODA flagship centre stage
› Integrated communications across all channels: TV, print media, online, dealers
› Campaign launch in the Czech Republic on 29 May
› New era: best ŠKODA of all time points to the brand’s future

Mladá Boleslav, 29 May 2015 – ‘Travel in style. Travel in space.’ – the global marketing campaign of the new ŠKODA Superb will start today under this heading. The particular points of focus are the new, emotive design as well as the outstanding interior space and comfort of the new ŠKODA flagship. Marketing activities include TV and internet adverts as well as print ads, social media communications and dealer activities at a local level.

“The new ŠKODA Superb is the best ŠKODA of all time and marks the beginning of a new era for our brand,” said Stefan Büscher, Head of ŠKODA Marketing. “The triad of expressive design, top technology and voluptuous interior space makes the new Superb a benchmark in its segment and an attractive vehicle for private and business customers. Our marketing campaign ‘Travel in style. Travel in space’ is placing this successful combination of style and space into the spotlight in an emotionally charged, attention-grabbing and high-class way,” said Büscher.

A TV and internet advert entitled ‘Intelligent Life’ is at the centre of the marketing activities. Initially, the Superb film shows a new ŠKODA Superb driving dynamically up-hill at night. At the wheel: a scientist on his way to a radio telescope. Meanwhile, his colleague working at the tracking station picks up an assumed WOW! signal from intelligent life in the universe. After the vehicle arrives at the radio telescope all is revealed: the signals were not transmitted by another star but by the new ŠKODA Superb.

The storyline of the film refers to the WOW! signal picked up by the Big Ear radio telescope in 1977 in Ohio when scanning the sky in the direction of the Sagittarius constellation. What transmitted the signal remains a mystery to date – contrary to the WOW! signal in the Superb advert.

For the introduction of the new flagship, the Czech manufacturer pulls out all the stops as regards integrated marketing communications: alongside the TV advert, there will be print ads and posters, internet ads, social media activities and of course local measures undertaken by the relevant local ŠKODA retail partners. The visual language used in the respective media is totally new for the brand and delivers a new level of quality in terms of look and feel.

The new ŠKODA Superb will be launched in the first markets at the beginning of June. With its expressive design, captivating technological qualities and its outstanding interior space, the completely redeveloped flagship sets standards in its segment and revolutionises the brand’s design. Based on innovative MQB technology from Volkswagen Group, ŠKODA’s top model in its third generation reaches a new level with regards to safety, connectivity and the environment and moves to the upper end of the automotive mid-size segment.

The ŠKODA Superb has been at the forefront of the ŠKODA model range since 2001. To date, the manufacturer has delivered over 700,000 first- and second-generation ŠKODA Superbs to customers, making the model one of the most popular vehicles in its class.

150529 SKODA starts global marketing campaign for new SKODA Superb – ‘Travel in style. Travel in space.’

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