Successful start to the New Year: ŠKODA grows 7.5% in January

› Record January: ŠKODA delivers 87,000 vehicles to customers
› International success: ŠKODA grows in Europe and China
› Dramatic start: sales of ŠKODA Fabia increase 55.2% in Western Europe
› Model campaign: New ŠKODA Superb soon to celebrate world premiere

Mladá Boleslav, 9 February 2015 –ŠKODA remains on the path of growth in 2015. In January, the Czech carmaker’s global sales increased 7.5 % to 87,000 vehicles (January 2014: 80,900). This was the best January ever in the company’s history. The latest ŠKODA Fabia, which was launched at the end of 2014, has had an incredible first few weeks: Sales of the new small car increased 55.2% in Western Europe, and 50% in Central Europe. ŠKODA’s model campaign will be continuing over the next few months – with, among other things, the world premiere of the new ŠKODA Superb on 17 February in Prague.

ŠKODA has made a seamless transition from the successes of 2014. Last year, the manufacturer sold 1.04 million cars – the first time in a calendar year that the brand had sold more than 1 million vehicles. “ŠKODA has made a promising start to the year,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “We are in an excellent position with our current model range and the upcoming highlights.” ŠKODA is intensively pursuing their model campaign in 2015. In just a few short days – on 17 February – the new ŠKODA Superb will be celebrating its world premiere in Prague. The Superb is set to be launched this year in June.

In Western Europe ŠKODA delivered 29.800 vehicles to customers in January (January 2014: 30,100). The brand recorded continued growth in Germany, ŠKODA’s second strongest market in the world, with sales increasing 5.7% to 10,100 vehicles (January 2014: 9500). ŠKODA thus confirms their position as the strongest import brand on the German market. In the UK, ŠKODA managed 5100 deliveries (January 2014: 5400). The brand recorded significant growth, however, in Ireland (1800 vehicles, up 11.2%), Spain (1600 vehicles; up 39.3%), Finland (1300 vehicles; up 9.6%) and Sweden (900 vehicles; up 19%).

In Eastern Europe, including Russia, ŠKODA’s sales rose 6.1% to 7300 vehicles in January (January 2014: 6900). In Russia, despite the enormously challenging market environment, ŠKODA achieved a sales increase of 8%, delivering 5100 vehicles to customers (January 2014: 4700). ŠKODA recorded double-digit growth in Rumania (500 vehicles; up 40.6%), Serbia (400 vehicles; up 64.2%), Bulgaria (200 vehicles; up 105.7%), Bosnia (100 vehicles; up 6.2%) and the Baltic States (600 vehicles; up 97.4%).

ŠKODA also achieved further growth in Central Europe in January, where the brand’s sales increased 19.6% to 13,400 (January 2014: 11,200). ŠKODA’s market share grew to 21.4% across the region. In their Czech home market, the manufacture recorded sales increases of 34.1% to 6300 units (January 2014: 4700). ŠKODA also recorded double-digit growth in Hungary (800 vehicles; up 67%) and Croatia (200 vehicles; up 37%). In Poland, ŠKODA sold 4400 vehicles, representing an increase of 3.6% over January 2014.

In China, the brand’s strongest market worldwide, ŠKODA is well on the path of growth. Deliveries to customers in January were up 4.7% on last year, with the brand selling 28.800 vehicles (January 2014: 27,500). ŠKODA also achieved high rates of growth in Israel (2300 vehicles; up 89.2 %), Egypt (1400 vehicles; up 355 %) and in Turkey (1.000 vehicles; up 123.1 %). In India, ŠKODA sold 1400 vehicles in January (January 2014: 1600).

ŠKODA’s deliveries to customers in January 2015 (in units, rounded off, by model; +/- in percent compared to January 2014):

ŠKODA Octavia (39,600; +15.2 %)
ŠKODA Rapid (18,800; +19.2 %)
ŠKODA Fabia (11,500; -10.4 %)
ŠKODA Yeti (6800; +27.1 %)
ŠKODA Superb (6100; -17.6 %)
ŠKODA Roomster (1800; -21.6 %)
ŠKODA Citigo (only sold in Europe: 2400; -16.9 %)

150209 Successful start to the New Year – ŠKODA grows 7.5percent in January

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