Winter Tips 2: Prepare Your Car for a Frosty Night

Winter Tips 2: Prepare Your Car for a Frosty Night

Do you park your car outside overnight in winter? Here are a few tips to make your mornings go better and ensure that you and those around you have safe journeys.

5. 1. 2018 Škoda World

The windscreen wipers are definitely one thing to attend to once you’ve parked your car. To avoid having them frozen to the windscreen, be sure to lift them up a little in the evening or place something beneath them. Damage to the wipers can occur if the wipers will be forcibly jerked free from the windscreen in the morning. The wiper motor might even be damaged if the wipers are prevented from moving freely.

Cover the windscreen

Don’t like scraping ice and snow off your windscreen? Neither do we! This unpleasant process can be avoided if you cover your windscreen for the night. Although even a common cotton fabric provides some protection, the ideal solution is an aluminium cover.

Affix the cover on both sides by closing it into the doors and slide it under the windscreen wipers. That way, everything will stay in its place and the wipers definitely won’t freeze to the glass anymore.



Park smart

It is good to give some forethought as to where you are going to park your car. A car parked in the open is not protected from snow and wind. If you can find a place near a house or wall, though, the vehicle will be protected at least from one side.  That means less morning exercise for you when scraping the windscreen and clearing away snow. Some operations can never be avoided in the morning, however, even if your vehicle is well prepared for the night.


You can protect the windscreen from frost using a cover, but it is also important to think about the rear window and all the other windows. Having a small snowbrush and an ice scraper at hand is also useful. You will find an ice scraper inside the fuel tank cover on all current ŠKODA models.


Keep in mind that you are driving your car and not a tank. That means it is important to have a 100% clear view from the car in every direction before setting out on your way. You should never set off having a view only through the windscreen. You would endanger not only yourself but also everyone else on the road. Safety first!


Don't forget the roof and, oh, take off that coat!

If it snowed overnight, don't forget to clean your roof in the morning as well. Otherwise, chunks of snow could fly off your roof onto other cars, obscuring the views of other drivers.

You should pay attention to your lights too. It is always a good idea to brush them off a little before driving. Consider whether your car is sufficiently visible even in the morning duskiness and during harsh winter weather. In daytime mode, your car’s rear lights are not lit. So, when visibility is impaired, lights should be switched to night-time mode.


You can avoid having your windscreen steam up from the inside if you keep the inside surface as clean as possible. Less moisture condenses on clean glass. If the windscreen does steam up, you can get rid of it quickly and easily by putting the heating on, setting the fan to max, and directing the air onto the windscreen. At the same time, turn on the rear window heating. If your car has front windscreen heating, you should of course turn that on as well.


Before setting out, take off your heavy coat so that it won’t restrict your movements or slow your reactions. In the event of an accident, a bulky coat with a slippery surface can cause a driver or passengers to slip out of the safety belt and harness. The same rule applies to all passengers in the car.

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