Winter Tips 4: Simply Clever Tips and Accessories

Winter Tips 4: Simply Clever Tips and Accessories

You climb into your cold car, sit on the icy cold seat, turn on the heat – and you wait. This unpleasant reality is common in winter. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A couple of clever solutions can change that reality.

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To feel really comfortable on the move, a pleasantly warm interior is essential. Modern ŠKODA cars aren’t content with just traditional heating. Have you tried yet driving a car with a heated steering wheel? For more comfort, there are also heated seats. And a heated windshield and heated rear-view mirrors will make your journey safer. Independent heating with remote control will allow you to warm up your car beforehand. You will never yearn for the days of climbing into a cold car.

Umbrella and ICE scraper always at hand

With all the extra tasks that winter requires, you will appreciate the quality of the car’s accessories even more. So that a ice scraper is always close at hand, one is located inside the fuel filler flap on most of ŠKODA vehicles. A good view from all windows is fundamental to a safe ride, and therefore you certainly will not regret having another extra ice scraper in your car. In case your car’s roof or windshield will be covered with snow, a snow brush will come in handy.


A smart solution for winter and all yearlong is seen in the umbrellas sensibly stored within the doors of the vehicle. If you are out and about without having waterproof clothing, you will certainly appreciate their protection from rain or snow.

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Skis in a sack or on the roof

Have you ever been stuck in snow while traveling? For just such situations, it is always good to have a shovel in your car for digging yourself out. Afterwards, you can return the wet and dirty tools to the boot without worrying about getting anything dirty, because its interior is protected by a rubber insert with a raised edge all around the perimeter. If need be, you can lift the dirtied rubber unit right out and easily wash it with water.

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You will especially appreciate another practical solution if you enjoy skiing. Snowy skis can be stored comfortably in the car without having to worry about the car’s interior. You need only to place the skis in a sack and slide it through the trunk and the opening between the rear seats.

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Do you and your family have a lot of luggage? Skis and snowboards combined with all the accessories plus winter clothing take up a lot of space. In this case, a roof rack is the preferred solution for transporting winter sports gear. You also can install a large box on it to handle even bulky loads, thereby leaving plenty of room for passengers inside the car.

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Fresh coffee in your car

If you are person who just has to have quality coffee even in the car, there is an original ŠKODA accessory just for you. A simple and compact travel coffee machine lets you enjoy your favorite espresso anywhere on the go. With its high-pressure espresso system, it produces coffee with just the right smell and flavor.

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You need only to park your car at a suitable location, put the car in neutral, and set the hand brake. Connect the coffee maker to a 12-volt socket using its integrated cable. Then you just add water along with your favorite coffee pod and voilà, you have your espresso.

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