Powertrains: Even more efficient TSI petrol engines from the latest
evo2 generation

› State-of-the-art engines with outputs ranging from 70 kW (95 hp) to 110 kW (150 hp)
› Increased output over a wider rev range for the more powerful 1.0 TSI unit
› Upgraded software for smoother operation of the ACT+ active cylinder deactivation system, based on power demands

Mladá Boleslav, 5 February 2024 – The Škoda Scala and Kamiq are available with three highly efficient, state‑of‑the‑art TSI engines. All units are members of the latest evo2 engine generation. The top-of-the-range powertrain’s ACT+ active cylinder deactivation system now operates even more smoothly than before, courtesy of further software advances.

“Škoda continues to systematically optimise its internal combustion engines. The power units for our Scala and Kamiq compact models are more efficient, more powerful and at the same time offer even more harmonious power delivery, for example due to newly designed injectors. Moreover, the extensive adjustments made to the hardware and software ensure that the engines also comply with the latest emissions regulations.”

Johannes Neft, Škoda Auto Board Member for Technical Development

Increased output for the more powerful of the two 1.0 TSI units

Just like the 1.5 TSI, the two new 1.0 TSI three-cylinder engines in the Škoda Scala and Kamiq now come from the EA211 engine family’s evo2 generation. Advantages include variable control of the intake and exhaust valves, an injection pressure of up to 350 bar, the high‑compression Miller combustion cycle and variable-geometry turbochargers (VGT). New features are ten-hole injectors for an even more homogeneous air-fuel mixture, as well as a new three-way catalytic converter with particulate filter. As the temperature resistance of the turbocharger has at the same time been increased to 980 °C, the optimum air-fuel ignition ratio is now available over a wider range of engine speeds. At 85 kW (115 hp), the more powerful 1.0 TSI delivers 4 kW (6 hp) more than its predecessor and makes this available 500 rpm sooner, and across a wider rev range. The maximum torque of 200 Nm is also available for an additional 500 rpm at the upper end of the rev range.

Latest 1.5 TSI with even more advanced ACT+ active cylinder deactivation system

The top-of-the-range 1.5 TSI engine benefits from improvements brought about by the new catalytic converter, which boasts improved efficiency and reaches its operating temperature more quickly. Moreover, it comes with upgraded software for the ACT+ active cylinder deactivation system. This makes the automatic deactivation and re-activation of two of the four cylinders based on power demands even smoother. The range of conditions under which the system is active has been extended as well, thanks to adjustments made to the intake and exhaust valve lift curve for the active cylinders (first and fourth cylinder).

The engine range at a glance:

Engine Power [kW/hp] Torque [Nm] Transmission Drive
1.0 TSI evo2 70/95 175 5-speed manual FWD
1.0 TSI evo2 85/115 200 6-speed manual FWD
1.0 TSI evo2 85/115 200 7-speed automatic FWD
1.5 TSI evo2 110/150 250 6-speed manual FWD
1.5 TSI evo2 110/150 250 7-speed automatic FWD

Škoda Scala Monte Carlo

Škoda Kamiq


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