Lighting: First ŠKODA to feature full LED Matrix headlights

› Innovative light technology improves the ŠKODA SUPERB’s level of safety
› Animated Coming/Leaving Home function adds appeal
› Full LED tail lights with integrated dynamic indicators

ŠKODA has provided it’s upgraded SUPERB with innovative light technology. Full LED Matrix headlights are available as an option for the first time in one of the Czech car manufacturer’s production cars, increasing the level of comfort for the driver as well as active safety. Modern technology allows drivers to have the high beam on at all times without dazzling other road users. In addition to the animated Coming/Leaving Home function included as part of the full LED Matrix headlights, dynamic indicators in the full LED tail lights – a first in the SUPERB – also add attractive flair.

A real highlight of the new ŠKODA SUPERB is its full LED Matrix headlights. ŠKODA’s flagship is the manufacturer’s first production model to offer this technology as an option. The system generates a light beam consisting of several segments, which are controlled individually. This allows drivers to have the high beam on at all times without dazzling other road users. The intelligent technology uses the camera on the windscreen to detect oncoming traffic and vehicles driving in front of the car as well as people and objects reflecting the light.

The control unit then immediately turns off individual segments of the light beam to effectively prevent others from being dazzled. The animated Coming/Leaving Home function adds a special visual touch. It automatically turns parts of the headlights and tail lights on and off in a specified sequence when getting into or out of the car.

Adaptive lighting for various driving and weather conditions

Expressive crystalline effects characterise the full LED Matrix headlights, which bear ‘ŠKODA Crystal Lighting’ lettering in their housings. The headlights provide different lighting modes for various situations and weather conditions, such as driving in the city, on the motorway or in the rain. They consist of a bi-LED module for the dipped and Matrix high beam and three further LED high beam segments. A narrow LED strip provides the turn indicators, daytime running and position lights; needle-like LEDs form part of the animated Coming/Leaving Home function. When negotiating a bend in the road, yet another LED dynamically illuminates the road depending on the mode; when turning, redesigned fog lights – which use the four LED light sources that come as standard – act as the cornering light. Beneath the new chrome trim at the rear, the indicators in the full LED tail lights illuminate in an outward sweeping motion, making the light signal even more noticeable; they therefore increase safety and create additional dynamics at the same time. The full LED Matrix headlights are included in the standard equipment for the ŠKODA SUPERB SPORTLINE and ŠKODA SUPERB L&K.

ŠKODA SUPERB Matrix headlights.

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Vratislav Kratochvil

Vratislav Kratochvíl
EEL/1 Development Coordinator – Front Lights

Mr Kratochvíl, the SUPERB is the first ŠKODA to feature full LED Matrix headlights. What is their main benefit for the driver?
The biggest advantage of Matrix light technology is that the system automatically responds to the traffic situation and, if required, turns off only some segments of the light beam. Other segments remain on and continue to illuminate the road. This makes the driver feel considerably safer. Essentially, Matrix technology enables the driver to use the headlights’ high beam function even when another vehicle is driving towards or in front of the SUPERB, without dazzling the other road user.

What is the main difference in comparison to the current bi-xenon headlights with Smart Light Assist (MDF)?
The main difference over the current MDF technology with a xenon lamp is that the light beam of the high beam function is composed of several smaller segments that can be switched on and off as needed in real time. This allows the system to switch off those parts of the light beam that could dazzle other road users. Other segments remain on and illuminate the road. The system can recognise multiple objects simultaneously. This was not possible with the previous MDF system, which cut off all light from the high beam.

What other plans does ŠKODA AUTO have with regards to full LED Matrix headlights?
Matrix technology is the current trend in car lighting. It brings a number of benefits, which is why we’re currently trialling it as part of other ŠKODA projects. Matrix technology is continually being further developed and new possibilities for its use are opening up. Our goal is to offer our customers the latest technology here too, guaranteeing maximum comfort and safety when driving at night.


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