Safety: Innovative assistance systems from higher vehicle segments

› ŠKODA SUPERB supports the driver with new assistance systems and enhanced functions
› Predictive Cruise Control makes its ŠKODA debut
› Front Assist with Predictive Pedestrian Protection as standard

In addition to the full LED Matrix headlights, the revised ŠKODA SUPERB also features numerous other assistance systems that support the driver, some of which have worked their way into the mid-size car category from higher vehicle segments. Predictive Cruise Control and the new Emergency Assist for multi-lane roads (available from mid-2020) are both making their ŠKODA debut in the new SUPERB.

The new Predictive Cruise Control is an enhanced version of Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). At speeds of up to 210 km/h, Predictive Cruise Control adjusts the speed of the car based on the vehicles ahead and, in combination with a DSG, can even bring the ŠKODA SUPERB to a standstill. Within up to three seconds of the car coming to a halt, ACC is able to automatically make it pull away again. The new predictive version also uses images from the camera on the windscreen and data from the navigation system to detect speed restrictions as well as bends, and adjusts the speed automatically.

ŠKODA SUPERB Selected assistance systems

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Emergency Assist for multi-lane roads and Side Assist with a range of 70 m

Emergency Assist for multi-lane roads (available from mid-2020) is designed to handle critical traffic situations on roads such as motorways. It automatically steers the vehicle to the roadside in emergencies, where it brings the car to a stop. It does so in a controlled manner and taking into account traffic in other lanes. To do this, it uses Lane Assist and Park Assist as well as the two radar sensors belonging to Side Assist. The system is now also available in the ŠKODA SUPERB and, up to a distance of 70 m, alerts the driver of vehicles approaching from behind or when they are in the blind spot.

Predictive Pedestrian Protection

The ŠKODA SUPERB is equipped with Front Assist as standard, whose functions now also include Predictive Pedestrian Protection. This system warns of a potential collision visually, acoustically and by gently applying the brakes, and automatically slows the car down in an emergency. Travel Assist can now recognise traffic signs and speed limits even more accurately. For even better driving stability in the SUPERB, ŠKODA uses a new electromechanical brake booster and aerodynamic covers on the rear axle suspension for the very first time.


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