Ergo comfort seats in the new ŠKODA OCTAVIA have the AGR seal of approval

› The ŠKODA OCTAVIA’s front seats are exceptionally back-friendly and feature support functions and a wide range of adjustment options.
› Massage and ventilation functions of the ergonomic comfort seats enhance the well-being of the driver and front passenger
› Ergo comfort seats for the new OCTAVIA available on request
› Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) (Healthy Back Campaign) awards their ‘Tested & Recommended’ seal of approval to car seats and other everyday objects that are particularly back-friendly.

Mladá Boleslav, 2 June 2020 – The ergonomic seats of the new ŠKODA OCTAVIA have been awarded the AGR ‘Tested & Recommended’ seal of approval by the German ‘Aktion Gesunder Rücken’ (AGR) (Healthy Back Campaign). They are thus recommended by specialised doctors and therapists. The AGR seal of approval reflects the strict test criteria that have been jointly established by independent medical and therapeutic experts across various disciplines.

The spacious and stylish interior of the new ŠKODA OCTAVIA invites you to spend even more time in the car. One feature that is becoming increasingly important, especially for frequent drivers is the quality of the seats. Many hours of sitting in the wrong position without compensatory movement can lead to health complaints including back pain, tension, neck problems, fatigue, leg complaints, shoulder pain, concentration issues and headaches. Good seats, however, can prevent these health problems.

For the first time, ŠKODA now offers back-friendly seats as an option in the new OCTAVIA. They are available in the Style equipment line and feature electric length and height adjustment, an extendable seat surface and seat heating, electric lumbar support and an electric massage function. The ergonomic seats bear the AGR seal of approval and, in addition to the standard seat heating system, have a ventilation function and perforated leather covers.

Following rigorous testing by an independent panel of medical experts, AGR has awarded these seats the AGR ‘Tested & Recommended’ seal of approval. The certified seats provide optimum support for the lower back thanks to electronically controlled lumbar support. It is also adjustable in length and height, and the seat can also be extended, allowing it to adapt to the driver’s specific needs. A massage and ventilation function and high-quality perforated leather provide additional comfort.

A matter of adjustment: How does the back-friendly customisation of car seats work?
The front seats in other ŠKODA models also enable back-friendly adjustment. The AGR, which has been dedicated to the prevention and treatment of the widespread problem of back pain for 25 years, recommends the following:
›  The driver should move their lower back to the back of the seat and when adjusting the seat distance, make sure that their legs are still slightly bent when the pedals are depressed.
›  The seat can be inclined and its length adjusted so that the thighs are well supported. 2-3 finger-widths should remain free between the back of the knees and the front edge of the seat.
›  The lumbar support should be adjusted so that it supports the back at belt height and thus prevents the pelvis from tilting backwards (hunchback).
›  When tilting the backrest, the driver should be able to reach the steering wheel with arms slightly bent; shoulders should remain in contact with the backrest even while steering.
›  Ideally, the headrest should be flush with the top of the head.
›  When adjusting the seat height, a distance of ten centimetres between the head and the roof is advisable.

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