ŠKODA brand icons featured on geocaching coins

› ŠKODA AUTO launches 500 Geocoins featuring five of the brand’s iconic models
› The coins complement the ŠKODA KODIAQ travel bugs, which have travelled over 800,000 kilometres around the world since 2016
› Fans of the brand and popular outdoor sports can win prizes celebrating ŠKODA’s heritage

Mladá Boleslav, 17 July 2018 – Geocaching is becoming increasingly popular – reason enough for ŠKODA to commission 500 Geocoins featuring icons from the company’s fascinating history. The automaker from Mladá Boleslav is launching the coins into circulation in stages while organising exciting competitions for brand-affiliated fans of outdoor activities to mark the occasion.

Geocaching – an extremely popular recreational activity – turns every hike into a treasure hunt. The coordinates of the hidden geocache containers can be found on the internet. When someone finds the geocache, they can register their find on the Internet and upload photos of the “treasure chest”. The “trackables” are an integral part of geocaching. These include, for example, so-called Geocoins and travel bugs, which are taken from one cache to another or shared by geocachers. The GPS treasure hunters put the trackables in the caches they find. This determines the distance the encoded and uniquely identifiable Geocoins have covered. Crucially, each trackable fulfils a special purpose or has a specific task. All the information about the route of these coins can be found at www.geocaching.com.

In August 2016, ŠKODA AUTO launched 180 travel bugs featuring a motif of the large SUV ŠKODA KODIAQ into circulation. Depending on their purpose, the coins eventually reached their destination on the island of Kodiak off the coast of Alaska. The ŠKODA KODIAQ travel bugs are still in circulation today, one of which has already covered an incredible 101,671 kilometres as of 15 July 2018. In total, the ŠKODA KODIAQ travel bugs have already traveled over 800,000 kilometers. A selection of the most interesting stories about the KODIAQ bugs can be found at https://www.skoda-storyboard.com/en/models/kodiaq/to-alaska-by-kodiaq/.

ŠKODA is now introducing 500 more attractive Geocoins. The coins feature five ground-breaking models from the automobile manufacturer’s rich history, such as the first automobile from Mladá Boleslav, the Laurin & Klement Voiturette A from 1905. Another motif commemorates the L&K ŠKODA 110 from 1925 and the merger of Laurin & Klement with Škoda Pilsen. The third Geocoin motif pays tribute to the record-breaking journey of Jindřich Kubias and Břetislav Jan Procházka: In 1936 the duo circumnavigated the globe in a ŠKODA RAPID in just 97 days. With the ŠKODA FELICIA cabriolet, an icon of the post-war period is also included. And the ŠKODA 1000 MB, which, in 1964, heralded a new the era of models with a self-supporting body and cast aluminium rear engine, completes the series.

The precious coins are currently located at attractive sites around the Czech Republic, France, Germany and Portugal, as well as in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. To mark the occasion of releasing the 500 coins, brand-affiliated geocaching fans can look forward to many competitions and can win prizes celebrating the long-lasting heritage of ŠKODA.

For more information on planned events, please visit www.facebook.com/skodaoutdoor/ or https://www.skoda-storyboard.com/en/company/travelling-coins-celebrate-skoda-heritage/.

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