5 Valentine Tips for Love on Four Wheels

5 Valentine Tips for Love on Four Wheels


We all share a love for cars. But did you know that cars also can help improve a couple’s love life?

12. 2. 2018

Each and every day is the perfect time to express your feelings for the one you love, but Valentine’s Day has an exceptional aura about it and so expectations run high. Don’t be afraid to give flight to your feelings and set free all the love in your heart in the most creative way. Your partner will surely appreciate it. We have a few tips how your car can help.

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Car as the perfect date

One recipe for a romantic Valentine’s Day evening is rather simple – a bouquet and dinner in a nice restaurant. But the romance may fall flat if you get to the restaurant by public transportation. Your partner will surely appreciate your picking her upvin a car (although she might not be quite so ecstatic if the car is borrowed from your parents). She certainly will be flattered if you gentlemanly hold the door open for her. Be attentive to your behaviour when driving, as poor parking will not impress her and calling other drivers names will surely put her off.

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Source: Wirkaufendeinauto.de; Love Is in the Air Infographic

Car as a gift

Standing in line to buy a rose and box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day is pretty pathetic. And even though people say you cannot offend a women with a flower, a diamond will work much better as a token of love. But if you are really serious about your feelings, give her a car. You will be giving her truly tangible proof of your esteem, showing that you care for her comfort and safety. To avoid a faux pas (unless you trust your memory), just make sure to know her favourite colour beforehand.


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Source: blog.iseecars.com/car-colors/

Road trip to get to know one another

Time spent together is what moves a relationship forward most. Best are those times when you put everyday troubles aside and truly take time just to be with one another. An outing together in the car provides a perfect opportunity to have a nice, calm chat and get to know each other. The shared experiences will enhance the distinctiveness of the moments. You could just get in the car and set off to the unknown, but you will get extra points if you think things through: choose an interesting route, select the right music, and find an attractive destination that will be the high point of your romantic outing.

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Source: Wirkaufendeinauto.de; Love Is in the Air Infographic; BodyShopBids.com; Love, Sex and the Automobile Infographic

Confirm your union

A car also can carry you to the next level of your relationship – marriage. The decision to set off on a course through life together deserves a grand celebration, so we would recommend a Moon White KODIAQ for the bride and a Magic Black SUPERB for the groom. It is a big step in life, so you should take it in complete comfort and safety.

Valentine (3)Source: Wirkaufendeinauto.de; Love Is in the Air Infographic

Use sweet words

Do you remember the first timid steps in your relationship, the sweet words you said to one another, and the pet names you gave each other? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to renew these memories, so dust off all those “honeys”, “darlings”, and “sweethearts” and pour some new fuel into your relationship. And if you are one of the many who give a pet name to your car, take care not to mix them up in conversation with your sweetheart…

Valentine (4)Source: www.theaa.com/newsroom/news2014/most-popular-car-names.html

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It’s up to you how you will celebrate the day of love. There’s nothing to fear, because every variant you truly feel in your heart will certainly succeed with your partner. But if you’re still short of ideas, we’ll give you a hint. Right below this article you can download two Valentine’s Day cards. Fill one of them in and send it to your partner by e-mail (you will have to get the flowers yourself, as a printed one certainly would not go over all that well). If you use it as an invitation for a real road trip, a romantic walk, or to spend the rest of your lives together, that’s up to you…

Download Valentine’s Day Cards HERE:

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