Interior of the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV SUV: airy, roomy and comfy

Interior of the ŠKODA ENYAQ <span>i</span>V SUV: airy, roomy and comfy

The electric ŠKODA ENYAQ iV SUV will be unveiled on September 1. But you can already get an idea of what its interior is like.

29. 7. 2020 Škoda World Design

The ENYAQ iV is a ground-breaking car for Czech carmaker ŠKODA. The brand’s first car built on the MEB platform comes with lots of changes and a new interior concept. Norbert Weber, head of interior design at ŠKODA, has already revealed what innovations we can expect to find inside the car.

The interior of the first electric ŠKODA built on the MEB platform is based on a brand new philosophy. It was designed so that the car’s occupants feel at home in it and enjoy spending time there. The technical development that makes this change possible is the MEB platform with a flat floor and a long wheelbase that allows for a more airy and practical arrangement of the interior. MEB also brings new digital features that are used to control the car and communicate between driver and passengers. The key new features include the thirteen-inch dashboard display and an innovative head-up display with augmented reality functions.

ŠKODA breaks new ground in interior design with individual Design Selections for the ENYAQ iV

The new “digital arrangement” of the interior allows for simple, minimalist lines that enhance the sense of space. At the same time, the new interior puts the emphasis on modern combinations of materials that help create a pleasant atmosphere inside the ŠKODA SUV. And what’s more, it will be easier than ever before for customers to adapt the interior to suit their taste. "Instead of the usual equipment lines and numerous additional options, we are offering our new Design Selections in the ENYAQ iV for the first time. These are reminiscent of modern living environments, featuring perfectly coordinating colours and materials,“ is how Norbert Weber describes the concept.

Norbert Weber
Head of Interior Design

In addition, the choice of materials in the ENYAQ iV represent a sustainability milestone. The seat covers, for example, can be made from a combination of 40 % wool and 60 % fibres made from recycled plastic bottles. And the cognac-coloured leather upholstery gets its shade from an extract of olive-tree leaves.

What the MEB flat floor makes possible:

Storage space in the central console

More room for a third passenger on the back seats

An airy interior

A 585-litre luggage compartment