The International Children’s Day of Joy

The International Children’s Day of Joy

International Children’s Day is one of many occasions to put a smile on children’s faces. Will you seize the opportunity?

1. 6. 2018 Škoda World

It would be wonderful to return to childhood and rerun those special days when your parents would take you to the park, buy you a toy or, failing that, an ice-cream. In point of fact, though, International Children’s Day did not come about as a second birthday, but as a day to mark the struggle for children’s rights. For those who, rather than enjoying fun and games with their friends, had to work for days on end in a field or factory... or the even more wretched.



Today, mercifully, everything has changed and children can take joy in a carefree childhood – having fun, playing, learning and discovering the beauty of the world, perhaps from a car seat. It goes without saying that, for every parent, the safety of their kids is of paramount importance. ŠKODA cars offer every reassurance, delivering high safety for those in both the front and the rear. All ŠKODA models feature rear-seat ISOFIX and Top Tether anchor points for the easy and reliable attachment of a child seat (take your pick of seats in the ŠKODA e-shop), so children will always travel in absolute comfort and safety.


Second on the list of parental priorities is fun, because a bored child is a misbehaved child. Watching the world pass by outside the window of a moving car no longer cuts it with modern kids (and not even the panoramic sunroof can always salvage the situation), so ŠKODA Genuine Accessories include handy rear-seat tablet holders to keep your children occupied as they watch fairy tales, browse the internet and listen to music.



And yet, if children could make a playground out of the car, it would look a little different still – at least according to a survey of children in England. The UK’s ŠKODA importer set about building an ideal car playground with gusto. A gaming console, tablet, internet connection, audio system with speakers, hideout and slide – all of this fitted into the spacious interior of a ŠKODA KAROQ made from cardboard, a material kids love to use for modelling. If you only you could see how much this perfect playground on four wheels was able to conjure up smiles...


If your kids do start getting bored, you’ll be bombarded with inquisitive questions such as “Why doesn’t the sky fall on our heads?”, “Why is everything the wrong way round in a mirror?” and “Why don’t aeroplanes have wings?”, and you’ll be hard put to find a simple answer. Fortunately, this is where ŠKODA Storyboard steps in to guide you out of the trickiest questions.


But even if you do come unstuck on the odd occasion, the children definitely won’t hold it against you. They’ll be happy that they have your time and attention and they can play and laugh with you. Ultimately, a child’s smile and untainted, sincere joy are the very best reward for all the care, dedication and dedication we invest in our offspring. Today and any other day.