ŠKODA’s Electrified Cars: What Will They Offer Customers?

ŠKODA’s Electrified Cars: What Will They Offer Customers?

ŠKODA is well and truly entering the era of eMobility. What’s in store for customers and what changes will eMobility bring about? Find out in this interview with Dr Guido Haak, Head of Product Strategy and Management Modules.

15. 10. 2019 eMobility

The public got its first chance to explore ŠKODA’s electrified models, the SUPERB iV and CITIGO iV, up close at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. And that is where Dr Guido Haak answered questions on eMobility. Take a look at the video and read the rest of the interview (which didn’t fit into the video) below.

Dr Haak, many customers still have questions about electromobility. What can they expect from the coming generations of electric ŠKODA vehicles?

Well, you can expect what you always expect from ŠKODA cars. You’ll be getting a car that is very functional, convenient to use, and value for money. We promise to make the transition from the internal combustion engine to electric driving as smooth as possible.

Dr Guido Haak
Head of Product Strategy and Modular Toolkit, ŠKODA

Charging infrastructure is going to play an important role in the success of electromobility. How is ŠKODA contributing to the expansion of the charging network in Germany and Europe?

We use a multi-pronged approach, which means we are looking at all the different cases under which customers will need to charge their cars. So, for general charging we’ll offer a wallbox and for external charging we’ll provide a charge card solution, which allows the customer to charge at any station without signing on to any additional contracts; and we are part of the Ionity network of the German auto industry, which is in the process of building a series of high-powered charging stations across Europe.

ŠKODA CITIGO<sup>e</sup> iV

How will electric vehicles change driving itself in the future?

The first thing you realise when you drive an electric car is that it’s highly dynamic. It conveys a very sporty feeling, there’s a lot of torque, and there’s a lot of power from the engine. It also feels very comfortable - you don’t have the interruption of changing gears, so, overall, most people will love it. Charging at home is much more convenient than going to a petrol station. You just have to be aware that, for longer trips, you’ll need to plan in advance where and how long to charge, but of course this will be supported by our solutions on the connectivity side.

ŠKODA models are characterised by their excellent seating and loading capacity. How will the design of an electric vehicle affect these attributes and will customers receive the same attractive price-value ratio that they have come to expect?

Yes, of course. They can expect the same price-value ratio. We are also definitely going to put an emphasis on our core values. As in conventional cars, we’ve focused on maximising usability, for example by providing plenty of boot space and by ensuring that the cars are easy to load and to drive. Of course, there are some changes in the electric car. For example, the seating position is slightly higher because of the battery, but we can assure you that you’ll have the same great ŠKODA feeling in the electric cars as you did in the ones with combustion engines.


How will ŠKODA help new drivers to switch to an electric vehicle? For example, are there digital services for this?

Yes, we’ll offer a lot of additional connectivity services with our electric cars. For example, we’ll offer a navigation system that will allow you not only to plan your trip, but to do so while taking into consideration the different charging opportunities you have along your route. It will also show you what amenities there are at different charging points, in terms of restaurants, cafés or anywhere that you can spend your spare time while the car is charging. Of course we’ll include ways to control the charging status of your car – online, offline, in the car, from outside. So what you’ll have is an extremely efficient network of services which will make electric driving, and planning for electric driving, as smooth and as simple as possible.

ŠKODA is planning to unveil an SUV based on the MEB next year. How will this SUV differ from the KODIAQ, KAROQ and KAMIQ?

Well, I think that with our first MEB car, our SUV, you’ll see a real leap forward in our design language. Those who saw the VISION iV show car have already had a glimpse of what the car will look like – it is very dynamic with a fascinating design. There’s a leap forward in the actual driving dynamics as well. I’m convinced that what you will see is a true ŠKODA.