Test Your Knowledge of Tour de France

Test Your Knowledge of Tour de France

The 2018 Tour de France is approaching the finish line. Before we get to know who the winner is, test yourself on what you know about the legendary cycling race.

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ŠKODA and the Tour de France enjoy a long-standing partnership. Last year, ŠKODA Storyboard ran a behind-the-scenes report on a racing team. This year, we have taken a look at the car used to give instructions to the LottoNL-Jumbo team’s riders during the race and at the publicity caravan that parades along the route ahead of the peloton.

Test your knowledge about the legendary Tour de France cycling race in this quiz. The quiz contains seven questions, each with only one right answer.

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How many kilometres do cyclists have to ride from start to finish at this year’s Tour de France?

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Who is the green jersey for?

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Who does the race’s Corrida Red ŠKODA SUPERB belong to?

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The Tour de France traditionally takes detours into other countries. Will any Tour de France stages be held outside France this year?

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How many years has ŠKODA sponsored the Tour de France?

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How many cars has ŠKODA supplied to the Tour de France’s organisers this year?

Tour de France, ředitelský vůz, Škoda Superb
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What is the yellow car on the route for?

Tour de France 2016 - 12th stage
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Where does the Tour de France traditionally finish?

Tour de France, ředitelský vůz, Škoda Superb
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Which rider was the overall winner of the Tour de France last year?

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How many cars are driving in the ŠKODA publicity caravan ahead of the peloton this year?

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correct answers: 0

15 years of partnership between
the Tour de France and ŠKODA



This is carmaker ŠKODA’s 15th year as the general sponsor of the Tour de France, the legendary annual cycling race. Besides laying on a large fleet of cars, ŠKODA also designs the winners’ trophies. This year, the designers have teamed up with Bohemian glassmakers to produce 60 cm tall trophies weighing in at 4 kg for the champions of the 105th Tour de France. In the 2018 event, the racers have to surmount 3,351 extremely tough kilometres over 21 stages.

ŠKODA cars at the Tour de France


ŠKODA, as an official partner, will supply 250 cars for the race. In addition to ŠKODA OCTAVIAs, the fleet also includes the SUVs ŠKODA KAROQ and KODIAQ and the ŠKODA SUPERB sedan. A ŠKODA service team will prep all the cars so that they are in perfect condition before each stage.

RED-ENone ŠKODA SUPERB in Corrida Red will be used as a mobile office for the

YELLOW-EN ready to assist any cyclist in trouble, with mechanics able to help in case of a breakdown or provide a replacement bike or refreshments.

BLUE-EN each team will have two cars following the peloton. The order of these vehicles depends where the team’s leading cyclist is positioned in the field of racers.

ORANGE-EN race organisers’ vehicles used to transport VIP guests and journalists, giving them a front-row seat to enjoy the atmosphere of the Tour de France.