ŠKODA iV ecosystem: Everything under one roof

› Powerpass enables recharging all across Europe using just a single card
› ŠKODA invests in expansion of charging infrastructure and recycling of batteries
› Three different ŠKODA iV wall boxes available

Mladá Boleslav, 1 September 2020 – In its 125th year, ŠKODA is pressing ahead along its path from a traditional car manufacturer into the Simply Clever company for the best mobility solutions. In addition to adding partially or fully electrified vehicles to the brand’s portfolio, this transition also includes developing the ŠKODA iV ecosystem. This enables batteries to be charged easily and conveniently across Europe using the Powerpass (service provided by Elli company - Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH), offers intelligent online services and provides various wall boxes for charging at home or work. What’s more, ŠKODA is massively expanding the charging infrastructure through its dealers and is establishing a sustainable recycling cycle for used batteries.

With a range of up to 510 km* in the WLTP cycle, the new ŠKODA ENYAQ iV is designed for travelling and covering long distances. The Powerpass allows users to charge their vehicles with ease using just one card at most of the 195,000 charging points in the European Union. In addition to most public charging stations, these also include fast-charging stations on international traffic routes and trunk roads, and publicly accessible charging points at ŠKODA dealers. The costs are transparent and in line with market standards, and will be charged to the customer in a monthly Powerpass invoice. The pass is, however, included in the ENYAQ iV’s purchase price for the first 3 years.

ŠKODA expands charging infrastructure and backs renewable energies

Alongside the market launch of its ŠKODA CITIGOᵉ iV and SUPERB iV, ŠKODA has started to expand its charging infrastructure – focusing on renewable energies. To compensate for the weather-related fluctuating availability of solar power, for example, ŠKODA has developed the ŠKODA iV energy storage system – the first stage of a recycling cycle for used batteries. The stations are equipped with 20 batteries that were previously used in ŠKODA iV plug-in hybrids and accumulate excess green or inexpensive off-peak electricity. This is then used to power charging points, the lighting, heating, air conditioning and new interactive electromobility information pillars in showrooms. It is also possible to operate fast-charging stations in this way, keeping them independent of the capacity of the local power grid. Once batteries come to the end of their second life cycle as part of the energy storage system, ŠKODA feeds them into a controlled recycling process.

Three different ŠKODA iV wall boxes and Ionity quick-charging network

ŠKODA offers three versions of the ŠKODA iV wall box for at-home charging. The ŠKODA iV Charger is the basic variant for use in private households. The ŠKODA iV Charger Connect has a LAN and Wi-Fi connection too for controlling the charging process remotely via the Powerpass app. This version of the wall box also has an RFID reader that prevents unauthorised use, for example in residential car parks. The ŠKODA iV Charger Connect+ can also communicate with the server over the mobile phone network via an LTE connection and is equipped with a certified electricity meter in addition to the RFID reader. This allows energy usage to be continuously tracked in the Powerpass app. Each wall box comes with an installation service as well for addressing any technical questions in advance. Furthermore, the owner can recharge their ŠKODA ENYAQ iV at fast-charging stations using the fast-charging cable. ŠKODA is involved in building the Ionity quick-charging network throughout Europe.

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