The people behind the ENYAQ iV

Jens Kosyna
Lead Project Manager

Today we’re presenting to you the ENYAQ iV – the result of four years of hard work. Four years which have not only brought about many challenges but also provided great satisfaction in overcoming them and, most of all, a job that has been a lot of fun. The car has plenty of clever functions and solutions to offer. Its interior space is on a par with that of the KODIAQ and will be particularly appreciated on longer journeys, while its length is similar to that of the OCTAVIA. The car is therefore easy to manoeuvre and park. The ENYAQ iV proves that electric cars have now become a perfect fit for our everyday lives.

In its range-topping variant, the ENYAQ iV is ŠKODA’s first model to come with the Crystal Face – an illuminated grille that gives the car a unique appearance. I believe we have designed an excellent vehicle that will not only bring long-lasting joy to its passengers, but also attract looks of admiration from passers-by.

Dalibor-Pantůček-01Dalibor Pantůček
Exterior Designer


Kateřina Vránová
Head of Colour & Trim

The ENYAQ iV’s interior boasts some brand-new features. We have come up with all-new design options that will cater to everyone’s preferences. Those with a focus on the environment will love the sustainable materials that are making their ŠKODA debut, while those who consider style and looks to be key will appreciate the unique decorative piping on the seats.

My team and I were responsible for the architecture of the entire interior. This involved designing the dashboard, centre console, doors and seats, as well as all the controls the driver will use to interact with the vehicle. This includes the steering wheel and gear stick, for example, as well as the displays and buttons. Together with the Colour & Trim department, I then worked on selecting the materials and colour concepts used.


Peter Olah
Head of Interior Design Architecture


Marwan Khiat
Project Manager for Interior Design Architecture

We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and sought inspiration from the interior design of various living spaces. We weren’t designing the interior of a vehicle; instead, we created a space that would feel like home for our customers. It was with this aspiration that we also selected the interior shapes and the materials used.

When developing the electric powertrain, we wanted to combine practicality with the sheer joy of driving. The ‘80’ variant offers both a range of up to 510 km* and a power output of 150 kW. This makes every journey something to look forward to.


Oldřich Vyziblo
Electric Powertrain Development


Petr Nevřela
Lead Exterior Lighting Designer

The ENYAQ iV’s headlights are based on those found in the SCALA, KAMIQ and OCTAVIA, and take the ŠKODA design language to the next level. Their narrow design gives the car a more dynamic appearance. This look is intensified by the new, delicate daytime running lights and the new, hexagonal shape of the main LED modules. The most striking feature of the ENYAQ iV, however, is the Crystal Face, which is making its ŠKODA debut and enhances the car’s innovative character even further.

Developing the first ŠKODA to be based on the MEB platform and thereby developing a car from scratch was indeed very demanding. As were the technical aspects. My job was to plan and coordinate the whole process, negotiate with other departments and suppliers, resolve any potential conflicts, approve expenditure, and much more. Boredom was just about the only thing I never encountered.


Jan Pavlíček
Lead Technical Project Manager


Björn Kröll
Head of Product Marketing

The ENYAQ iV comes with a brand-new vehicle customisation concept. The well-known Active, Ambition and Style trim levels will no longer be available. Instead, customers first select a battery – which determines the car’s driving characteristics. Then, they can choose almost anything from the range of options available for the interior and exterior.

When creating the product strategy for this car, we established a number of crucial goals. We wanted to give our customers a vehicle that provides a good range, exciting acceleration and an emotive driving experience. At the same time, we made a point of offering great value for money and a very attractive overall package. I’m delighted to say that we have succeeded and the ENYAQ iV is a fully fledged all-electric alternative to the KODIAQ.


Jil Katharina Mahler
Product Manager


Catherine Lee Oppenheimer
Battery Development Engineer

The batteries for the ENYAQ iV are about one and a half metres long and, depending on their capacity, weigh between 350 and 500 kg. They are developed and produced at Volkswagen Group and constitute state-of-the-art battery technology. Of course, these batteries differ greatly from the ones we are familiar with – such as those in our laptops – in terms of their capacity, lifespan and level of safety.


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Hermann Prax
Head of Product Communications
T +420 734 298 173

Štěpán Řehák
Product Communications
T +420 734 298 614

* The figures given are provisional

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