Digital technology: modern infotainment and supreme connectivity

› New 10-inch display with innovative touch slider for volume adjustment
› Latest generation of the optional Virtual Cockpit with a 10.25-inch screen
› Optional media streaming and CANTON sound system with twelve loudspeakers

The new ŠKODA OCTAVIA has been equipped with systems from the latest generation of the modular infotainment matrix and offers supreme connectivity. There is a choice of four different infotainment systems with touchscreens measuring up to 10 inches. An innovative touch slider for adjusting the volume or the section of the navigation system’s map celebrates its premiere. For the first time, maps can be shown in the central display and in the latest generation of the Virtual Cockpit in different levels of zoom.

There is a choice of four different infotainment systems from Volkswagen Group’s latest-generation modular infotainment matrix. Even Swing, the entry-level system, comes with an 8.25-inch touchscreen that can be personalised and with a DAB tuner. Smartphones can be paired via wireless SmartLink technology and Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or MirrorLink™, offering access to infotainment apps such as weather or news apps. To this end, the OCTAVIA is always online thanks to its in-built eSIM. Both the Bolero infotainment system, for which a navigation function can be activated at a later stage, and the Amundsen navigation system have a 10-inch touchscreen. They can be operated using gesture control or verbally using the Laura ŠKODA Digital Assistant, who understands fluently spoken complete sentences in six different languages. The maps are updated online, Internet radio and streaming services for music and TV, such as the optional ŠKODA Media Command, are also available. The top-of-the-range Columbus infotainment system also has a 10-inch screen and can display the navigation system’s maps in a different level of zoom than the Virtual Cockpit. This new function can be adjusted using the innovative touch slider below the display, which also controls the volume.


Virtual Cockpit now even more user-friendly

For the fourth generation of its bestseller, ŠKODA has improved the Virtual Cockpit even further. The latest generation of the digital and individually customisable instrument panel comes with a 10.25-inch screen and is now even more user-friendly. The driver can choose from four different layouts – Basic, Classic, Navigation and Driver Assistance Systems – and specify their desired content using the controls on the multifunction steering wheel. For the OCTAVIA RS, there is also an exclusive Sport layout. In the Driver Assistance Systems layout, activated systems are shown three-dimensionally – and are even mirrored in the central display.


ŠKODA Connect mobile online services

The ŠKODA OCTAVIA’s eSIM provides access to ŠKODA Connect mobile online services. These include eCall, which is mandatory in the EU and automatically calls for emergency assistance in the event of an accident, and Proactive Service (breakdown call), which transmits the position and status of the vehicle to the breakdown service in the event of a technical problem. The vehicle status report automatically stores important data each time the ignition is switched off. In addition, Proactive Service can keep in contact with the garage, allowing service notifications to be relayed, service appointments to be scheduled or relevant data to be transmitted in the event of a breakdown. The remote vehicle access via the ŠKODA Connect app or the ŠKODA Connect web portal allows owners, for example, to retrieve vehicle information and driving data, display the car’s parking location, and activate the remote-controlled Honk & Flash function making it easier to find the OCTAVIA in the car park, as well as to lock and unlock the doors and close any open windows. The Infotainment Online services backed by online data offer route calculations, real-time traffic information as well as help with the search for petrol stations and parking spaces. For streaming services or the provision of a Wi-Fi hotspot for passengers, data packages can easily be added from the vehicle.

Up to five USB-C ports and CANTON sound system available

The new OCTAVIA offers up to five USB-C ports for charging or connecting media devices and USB sticks with the infotainment system. Two USB-C ports in the front centre console are standard, another two in the rear together with a 230-V socket and another USB-C port in the overhead console above the rear-view mirror are optionally available. Using the optional Phone Box, smartphones can also be charged inductively and paired to the vehicle’s external aerial. The acoustically optimised interior and the new optional CANTON Sound System ensure a perfect audio experience.




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