ŠKODA FABIA RS Rally2: Newly developed winning model

› Based on MQB-A0 platform, new 1.6-litre turbocharged engine
› Rear wing of the FABIA RS Rally2 RS generates twice the downforce of its predecessor
› Rally car benefits from best-in-class aerodynamics and superior body rigidity of the production FABIA
› FABIA Rally2 RS designed to run on 100% sustainable fuel

Mladá Boleslav, 11 October 2022 – The ŠKODA FABIA RS Rally2 is based on the fourth-generation FABIA. ŠKODA Motorsport developed the rally vehicle from scratch, drawing on the many optimisations made to the production model. For example, the FABIA RS Rally2 boasts a highly efficient aerodynamics package; the re-engineered rear wing generates almost twice as much downforce as its predecessor. The weight distribution has also been optimised, and the FABIA RS Rally2 features a newly developed engine based on the 2.0 TSI from the EA888 engine series. At first glance, ŠKODA Motorsport’s new Mamba Green paintwork strikes a parallel with the RS production models OCTAVIA RS and ENYAQ COUPÉ RS iV.

“In developing the FABIA RS Rally2, we applied all the experience we gained with its successful predecessor. We optimised every detail. At the same time, we could build on a perfect new base from the new FABIA production model and take advantage of the improved balance and highly efficient aerodynamics. We are proud that together, we have managed to improve the most successful rally vehicle in its category even further.”

Michal Hrabánek, Head of ŠKODA Motorsport

The ŠKODA FABIA RS Rally2 brings the striking design language of the fourth-generation FABIA to the international rally tracks. The rally model also features the flat, sharply drawn front headlights of the production vehicle, which extend to the large, hexagonal ŠKODA grille. The headlights and rear lights create visual accents with their LED technology. The side air curtains on the front bumper and the lines of the Czech flag on the front doors are also a nod to the FABIA production model. The Mamba Green paintwork draws a visual parallel to the OCTAVIA RS and the ENYAQ COUPÉ RS iV.



Newly developed rear wing generates almost twice as much downforce

The FABIA RS Rally2 also derives technological advantages from the production model. The best-in-class drag coefficient was an excellent starting point for the experts at ŠKODA Motorsport to develop the highly efficient aerodynamic package. Thanks to meticulous attention to detail, a newly developed rear wing generates almost twice the downforce compared to the predecessor. This offers a tremendous advantage on the track, as greater downforce facilitates higher cornering speeds. The FABIA RS Rally2 benefits from the series-standard air curtains. Along with the splitter on the front bumper, these ensure optimum aerodynamic efficiency at the front, as well as faster airflow and lower pressure under the vehicle.





New 1.6-litre turbocharged engine designed to run on 100% sustainable petrol

The FABIA RS Rally2 is powered by an all-new four-cylinder turbo engine with a displacement of 1,620 cm³. The unit features variable valve timing and a new turbocharger and has been newly developed based on the 2.0 TSI from the EA888 engine series, producing around 214 kW (289 hp). Compared to its predecessor, the FABIA RS Rally2’s maximum torque of 430 Nm is available over a wider range of engine speeds, and a sequential 5-speed gearbox distributes the power to all four wheels. In accordance with FIA regulations, the 82.5-litre fuel tank is made of impact-resistant rubber and is equipped with a new venting safety valve. A cover made of a carbon-Kevlar composite ensures even better protection. Throughout the 2022 season, the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) is using 100% sustainable petrol based on modern raw materials as well as high-purity renewable components. The sustainable fuels are derived from biological waste and synthetic e-fuels. Renewable energies are used to produce these racing fuels, involving the electrolysis of ‘green’ hydrogen as well as CO₂, which is extracted from the air and industrial processes. The 100% renewable petrol is then made in a laboratory without any fossil-fuel components.


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