ŠKODA FABIA RS Rally2: Optimised chassis and better weight distribution

› Optimised chassis adapted to the specific requirements of rallying
› More stable handling thanks to wider body and longer wheelbase
› Test drives carried out across Europe under various weather conditions

Mladá Boleslav, 11 October 2022 – Compared to its predecessor, the FABIA RS Rally2 delivers significantly improved handling. The rally model benefits from enhanced weight distribution and balance thanks to its wider body and longer wheelbase from the production FABIA. The chassis and other components have also been strengthened to meet the specific requirements of rallying.

ŠKODA Motorsport subjected the FABIA RS Rally2 to an extremely demanding test programme under various weather conditions long before its presentation in June 2022. It took almost a year to prepare the vehicle for rally use in a range of weather conditions and on tarmac, gravel and snow. From summer 2021 onwards, this involved test drives in the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Belgium and Spain as well as in extreme winter conditions in northern Finland.

Wider body and longer wheelbase allow for better weight distribution

The chassis of the current production FABIA enabled ŠKODA Motorsport to further optimise the handling characteristics of the rally version. The FABIA RS Rally2 benefits from the 48-millimetre-wider body compared to the previous generation and especially the 94-millimetre-longer wheelbase. This makes the vehicle smoother and at the same time improves stability at the rear. Compared to its predecessor, the fuel tank has been repositioned, and the additional space in the engine compartment has been used for a larger intercooler.

Re-tuned chassis for the specific requirements of rallying

The chassis of the FABIA RS Rally2 has been consistently engineered to meet the demands of rallying; compared to the FABIA Rally2 evo, the suspension rebound stroke of the dampers is longer and the MacPherson struts are stiffer. In addition, the engineers have reduced the amount of friction in the dampers. The longer wheelbase also prompted the development of new suspension kinematics. In addition to the design of the differential, the shift characteristics of the transmission and the durability of various components have also been optimised to reduce operating costs, among other things. These components include the kingpins, brake system and wiring harnesses. Since the FIA’s technical regulations prohibit the use of electronic driving aids to improve traction, only mechanical limited slip differentials are allowed on the front and rear axles; an additional centre differential is not permitted.

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Positive feedback from test drivers

The improved handling also impressed the ŠKODA works drivers, who were actively involved in developing the FABIA RS Rally2. Having taken the FABIA RS Rally2 to its limits on the extremely rough gravel roads of Fontjoncouse in the south of France shortly before its world premiere, Norwegian Andreas Mikkelsen, current World Drivers’ Champion in the FIA WRC2 and FIA European Rally Champion, said: “The new ŠKODA FABIA RS Rally2 is faster and at least as reliable as its predecessor.” Mikkelsen also drove the FABIA RS Rally2 as a course car at the Rally Bohemia in July 2022.

Easy operation using touchpad and steering wheel buttons

Along with enhanced performance, the FABIA RS Rally2 is now easier to operate. A large main display gives an even better overview of vital sensor values for the crew, as well as having new features, such as video playback. The interior also benefits from a new central control panel with touch screen and integrated intercom. The driver can access numerous functions directly using buttons on the steering wheel, and the engine start button is also integrated into the steering wheel, where it can be accessed quickly if, for example, the engine needs to be restarted after a spin.






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