Drivetrain: Two motors, all-wheel drive and 220 kW* system output

› The ŠKODA ENYAQ RS iV offers the most powerful drivetrain of any ŠKODA production model, with 460 Nm of torque
› Outstanding aerodynamics and high energy efficiency deliver a range of over 500 kilometres** in the WLTP cycle
› Sports suspension with lowering as standard, Dynamic Chassis Control DCC available as an option

Mladá Boleslav, 5 December 2022 – ŠKODA AUTO has equipped the ENYAQ iV family RS models with the most powerful drivetrain currently available for its series production vehicles. The top SUV model features two motors with a total system output of 220 kW*, and the maximum torque of 460 Nm is transmitted to all four wheels via all-wheel drive. The high energy efficiency and excellent drag coefficient of cd 0.265 combine to deliver a range of over 500 kilometres** in the WLTP cycle. The 82 kWh high-voltage battery with a maximum charging power of 135 kW can be charged from 10 to 80% in just 36 minutes at fast-charging points.

The ENYAQ RS iV and the ENYAQ COUPÉ RS iV are the top sports models in the family, ŠKODA’s only two all-electric RS variants and the most powerful production models made by the Czech car manufacturer. They are based on the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Electrification Toolkit (MEB) and roll off the production line at ŠKODA’s main plant in Mladá Boleslav. This makes the ENYAQ iV and the ENYAQ COUPÉ iV the only MEB models in Europe to be manufactured outside Germany.

All-wheel drive thanks to one electric motor on each axle

The ENYAQ RS iV has all-wheel drive with two electric motors, one on the front and one on the rear axle. The system output is 220 kW*, and the maximum torque of 460 Nm is available immediately, as is typical of an electric vehicle. This allows the ENYAQ RS iV to sprint from standstill to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. As with the coupé version, the top speed of the locally emission-free SUV is 180 km/h, 20 km/h faster than the other ENYAQ iV variants. The lithium-ion high-voltage battery with a capacity of 82 kWh (net 77 kWh) delivers a range of over 500 kilometres** in the WLTP cycle. The ENYAQ RS iV can also tow a trailer weighing up to 1,400 kilograms on gradients of up to eight per cent.



Outstanding aerodynamics

It is the combination of the high energy efficiency of the electric powertrain and the SUV’s excellent aerodynamics that makes the ENYAQ RS iV’s long range possible; the model boasts a drag coefficient of cd 0.265, which is exceptional for a vehicle of this size. The optional heat pump can boost efficiency and thus the range even further, as less energy is used to heat and air-condition the interior. The electricity saved this way is used to power the vehicle.

Maximum charging capacity up to 135 kW

The ENYAQ RS iV supports a maximum DC charging power of 135 kW. This means the high-voltage battery can be charged from 10 to 80% in just 36 minutes at fast-charging points. Using an AC Wallbox, the SUV can charge at up to 11 kW. The ENYAQ RS iV comes with a Mode 3 charging cable as standard, while the optional iV Universal Charger with interchangeable connectors offers maximum flexibility as a mobile charging solution: The CEE adapter enables charging at 400V high-voltage sockets at up to 11 kW, while the standard adapter fits conventional household sockets.



Sports suspension as standard, Adaptive Chassis Control DCC as an option

Due to the battery being installed in the floor, the ENYAQ RS iV has a low centre of gravity. This coupled with the progressive steering system and sports suspension, which come as standard, guarantees particularly dynamic handling. The vehicle has firmer spring and damper tuning and is lowered by 15 millimetres at the front axle and 10 millimetres at the rear axle. Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) is available as an option. This constantly monitors the situation on the road and automatically adjusts the damping. Driving Mode Select offers the predefined profiles Eco, Comfort, Normal and Sport, while a custom slider allows the driver to adjust the settings to their own preferences. The ENYAQ RS iV also offers the additional Traction driving profile, providing constant four-wheel drive at speeds up to 20 km/h on unpaved roads or slippery surfaces.

* Maximum electrical power 220 kW: Maximum power determined in accordance with UN-GTR.21 that can be engaged for a maximum of 30 seconds. The power available in individual driving situations depends on various factors, including the temperature outdoors, the temperature of the high-voltage battery, and its charging status, condition and physical ageing. The maximum power is only available if the temperature of the high-voltage battery is between 23 and 50°C and its charge level exceeds 88%. If these parameters are not met, the maximum power may be reduced or unavailable. The battery temperature can to a certain degree be influenced indirectly via the stationary air conditioning function, and the charge level can be set in the vehicle. The currently available power is shown on the vehicle’s driving performance screen. To optimally maintain the capacity of the high-voltage battery, a charging target of 80% is recommended for everyday use (this can be changed to 100% before long-distance journeys, for example).

** All data are provisional


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